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Puppy has lots of scabs

by Cha

Our 20 week old has started getting several patches on his skin that are crusty and dry. Some are dark brown, some are yellowish, and some are red. About 4 weeks ago we noticed that he had a few around his neck, but we thought it might be from roughhousing with our other maltese. It almost cleared up a couple of weeks ago, but now it has come back with a vengeance, and is showing up other places than just around his neck. It does not appear to be itchy, because he is not scratching any more than usual. Any ideas as to what this is and how it should be treated?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Yes, I know how to treat it. Get to a vet as soon as possible! No other way. I'm sorry, but to have to ask that question here and not have consulted a vet first??!!! Good Luck to your puppy!
-Chuck Norman

Cha, I haven't heard of this and therefore cannot help except to agree with Chuck, bring you baby to the vet ASAP - just in case its something serious. Good Luck.
-Robin D.

I am interested to see the posts regarding this question, as I almost posted one just like it. I have taken my little girl to the vet, but it was in a spot where he thought it might be similar to diaper rash and suggested treatment which has not impacted it. Then another spot came, which started small and has grown, and I am just about to make another trip in. Because we have seen the Dr. twice in three weeks, I am not panicking andobserving it, trying to see if I can see any connection to anything. She too does not seem to try to lick or scratch at it. Best of luck, and maybe we can both say what the vet says in our next posts!

Thanks for the concern. I didn't mean to imply by my first message that I wasn't going to take my puppy to the vet, and I'm sorry that some of you got that impression. In fact, I had already called the vet and was advised that it wasn't necessary for me to take off work to bring Chip in, and that it was okay to wait until Saturday morning when we had planned to take him in anyway for his last Parvo shot. Certainly, if he had been in ANY distress or discomfort, I would've rushed him to the vet! But, as I stated before he doesn't scratch or lick at it and it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. I asked the question here simply hoping that someone might be able to suggest what this might be, and find out what kind of treatment might be required, not in place of going to the vet.

Dear Cha, You might ask your Vet to check for "rabbit mites." They seem to like Maltese and are often hard to diagnose. On a four month old puppy, it would like like large scales of dandruff. Sometimes Vets miss these because these mites do not burrow but rather live on top the skin and hair so can't be found easily with routine scrapings.

To try to identify one of these pests, use a fine comb or slicker brush to brush this "dandruff" on to a sheet of black paper. Use a magnifing glass or put some on a magnificartion of about 100.

The English call this condition "walking dandruff," and I've heard breeders call it "cradle cap." These critters can be picked up from wild animals and fowl, other infected canines, on planes, fair grounds, etc. It clears up easily with dips and special shampoos, but you must also ask about cleaning the puppy's bedding or it can get reinfested.

Now that I've got everyone itching, it could also be dry skin or allergy....let us know.
-Beverly B. Passe

My husband took Chipper to the vet on Saturday and Marsha A. was right. It was bacterial, and he gave us some Oxydex shampoo to use on him. The vet said to shampoo him once on Saturday and then again in a week with this shampoo and that if they weren't all gone to bring him back the third week. After just one treatment with the shampoo the vast majority of the lesions have cleared up! Chipper still acts like it doesn't bother him, but I sure am glad that it's clearing up. Beverly, what did your vet decide was going on with your little girl?

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