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Trimming Ear Hair

by Sandy

I clean inside Shelby's ears every week when I bathe her. I have attempted to tweeze the hair out of the inside of the ears (after using the ear powder) as described in the maltese books I have read. I thought that they didn't experience any pain when removing the hair but Shelby fights it and yelps. My question is...as I get her professionally groomed every six weeks, can I just wait and have the groomer do it, or must I do it in between visits. I'd really rather not do it myself if it causes no problems for her, as she seems to dislike it so much. Any advice?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Hi Sandy: I do KoKo and Shayna's ears about once a month. Between times I, of course, clean with a cotton ball and the cleaning liquid. When I took KoKo for her annual Vet check up I asked him to check and he used the twisters thing and pulled a lot out from deep inside. KoKo was not a happy camper. To answer your questions, if the groomer gets it all, let her earn her keep. That will keep both you and Shelby happy. KoKo and Shayna send hugs and kisses to Shelby.

I am curious. I have always read and heard that the ear hair should be removed, but why? It seems that Maltese dogs are so little and close to the ground, that I would think that the ear hair helps protect the ears from debris, bugs and junk getting easily into their ears. The air can still circulate in the ear if that is the reason we should pluck them. Knowing how I hate plucking hair on myself, I hate to put the little ones to this torture if it is not needed.
-Cathy W.

When I first started cleaning my dogs ears, they acted like I was killing them. Now they don't mind it. Only one still fights some, but then gives up. I use hemostats instead of tweezers, as they work better and are less painful. Also your vet can give you a deadener to use in their ears prior to cleaning them.

I took Socks to the vet for her last round of shots last night when the vet checked her ears. He told me that the hair in her ear should be taken out when it is yellow. So, he then started plucking the hair out. I couldnt bear to watch!! She was fighting him and yelping so loudly, gosh, I felt so bad! He told me I must clean her ears to rid her of any ear wax buildup, but, there is no way I'm going to pluck her hair like he did. He told me the only alternative is when I have her groomed to tell them to check her ears and they will take it out if necessary. Angela

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