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soulmates on this forum

by Sharon

When reading the responses to the posting about "too cold", I was thoroughly touched by each one. I'm only sorry you didn't have your email addresses included so I could write each of you to say: You are the dearest people and I wish I knew each one of you. Oh, that every dog in the world could have owners and friends like each of you. I love this forum. It is truly my favorite site on the net and I look forward to coming to see what you all have to say.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Well, Sharon, I have to second that emotion! Shazz needed a severe reality check and I hope all the comments helped him to see the light. I felt that Bill's comments were particularly on point and gave me a good laugh to boot. But beyond this specific example , I have to agree that the people who participate in this forum are extremely warm-hearted and caring, not only about their dogs but about dog owners. I have gotten incredible support from this group and I thank all of you, Jay in particular.

Sharon, I have been posting here for at least a year now. Like you, I have found a lot of special folks, some of whom have become friends and certainly many whose posts I look forward to for information and smiles and even tears. This IS a pretty special place with lots of "lovers" ( my guess is probably not just of Maltese but of life and others in general). In the responses to Shazz, we saw a lot of that, though I wonder how she/he must have felt...maybe dumped on? Sometimes it is hard to be kind to an uninformed "human" when trying to be sure that the fur babies involved are safe and secure, and I worry a little that the harsh tones (and, if you read my post, harsh is a term not used lightly) keep them from coming again and perhaps these are the folks who need us the most. Hard to decide sometimes, but always thankful for the forum and to Jay for letting these threads roll on unless there is really reason to call a halt. I'm glad we all have HERE to come to.
-cathy brown

Sharon.....I think these little adorable creatures bring out the best in people. I have found that crumpy people, old and young, turn into mush after being with these little dogs. (Those little black eyes looking up at you!) Even people who don't like dogs, love these. There's something very special about this particular breed and the people that own one. Don't you agree? I have found that this web site is especially friendly and gentleman like which is rare on this type of format. We're just great people that really love their babies!! Right!?!!!

Sharon, I love this site more than any I go to. The information and love I find here is the brightest star on the Web I have yet to find. I agree, that of all the dogs I have had the pleasure of knowing, my Taffy is the greatest. People just ooh and aww over her, even look out of store windows to look at her, she is adorable, alert and makes your heart melt. I guess thats why we all came down so hard over that post. I have always heard that there are no dumb questions in this world, but that one came close! These babies are totally dependent on humans, and all I could think of was how cold, lonely and miserable it would be to be a sweet little Maltese "out in the cold". I could just cry. Thank you all, and Jay, for this wonderful group!
-Robin K.

I must admit that many times I would rather spend time here with all of you than with my friends at home. There is a special bond with the people here as they understand the love we have for our babies. When we suffer a loss, it is met with love and comfort, and shoulders to lean on while we recover. When we experience a new baby in our lives eveyone is overjoyed for us. The educational material is limitless, and covers exactly what we need for our particular breed. We are so fortunate to have each other and Jay and Bev for pulling us all together.
-Marsha A.

I feel the same as all of you, I am great I found this site. I love my baby boy buddie. He the cutest and sweetest dog to be around.

I'm so glad (but not surprised) to see that you all feel the same way I do (both about maltese and this website!). I have been a maltese mom for 1 1/2 weeks and can't believe the joy my little Shelby has brought me. She is so sweet and devoted, it's amazing! I agree also that even those who don't particularly care for dogs like maltese (even "cat" people love them too). Thank you to Jay and Bev for putting the hard work into this site and for all my new friends!

I agree with all those before me about this being a great website! I only came across it several months ago when browsing. Now there rarely goes a day when I don't look in. I have found a wealth of information on caring for Misty and am presently trying the hydrogen peroxide for the tear staining. For some one you had never owned a dog in 30yrs of marriage, this little fur person in just 14 months has us all under her spell and we love it! (and love her of course)!! Thank you Bev and Jay for opening up this site to me and I hope many more Aussies use it.
-Pam - Canberra

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