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by nadine

I have four maltese, the oldest 3+. Recently my youngest came down with pancreatitus. He's almost 2. I have been doing research and have found some disturbing information. Does anyone know of this setting in due to the type of food you feed. If this is true-how would you decide whats best? He is doing good now but it has been a long process getting him back on his feet.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Nadine, I'm not real clear of what your're asking. If its what type of food is recommended, Hill's w/d diet has been said to be good for dogs with pancreatitis assuming that fiber will help. Purina makes a good one also that is sold through veterinarians. It is not a high fiber diet but follows the logic that easily digested foods are less work for the pancreas. Their diet is called Canine EN formula. Hope this helps.

Dear Nadine, Pancreatitis is caused by the foods you feed, and can be very serious. You will need veterinary supervision to treat your Maltese for this chronic infection. You likely will be told to avoid any fatty, fried, or greasy foods as part of the treatment, as well as keeping him on a bland diet. Watch the "treats" you give your Maltese, NO table scraps, and if it is overweight, try more exercise along with a careful diet prescribed by your veterinarian.
Sincerely, Linda Coleman
-Linda Coleman~Lin Lee Maltese

Dear Jay and Lynn: Thank you for the helpful suggestions. We do not give table scraps-per say but do allow them to have some fresh vegetables-they adore raw carrots. I have researched into natural food and I think it might be the way to go. Thank you again.

Our eight year old female maltese was diagnosed with pancreatitis when she was three yrs. old. We are under the impression that her initial symptoms were triggered by eating rawhide. It was shortly after that that she was hospitalized and treated for pancreatitis. All was well till she hit seven yrs. we then noticed her weight and hair loss, and excessive urination. After some testing it turned out that she was diabetic. Articles that we have read seem to indicate a connection between the two. Although we aren't too certain about the connection between the two, we switcehed her,(and all the others as well) to Eukanuba Maintanence and she's never had another attack. We stopped with the rawhide and havent had another incident of the same sort with any of the other little ones since. (the vet seems to concur that the rawhide was just too tough for her system to handle and the pancreas was working overtime to try to help digest it.
-gail & ben

Thanks Gail and Ben. Our pups only get carrot-bones-etc. Always to afraid to give rawhide-My friends dog dies eating it-choked. After researching into dog food and what is put in it I can't feed mine anything but all-natural. Iams may be recalling their food along with Science diet due to the chemical they preserve their food with is now proven to cause liver cancer in dogs. I received a report from a friend. The food I am using now is California Natural. The puppy is doing better and will be off the Tagament in a few days. Thanks again for the info.

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