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Winter walks??

by Jackie F.

Hi everyone. Mika is 10 1/2 months old and wonderfully housebroken. She is trained to go potty in our front yard. She also loves her daily walks down the street. This will be her first winter going outdoors. She has a sweater and wears it willingly. She also just got doggy boots from Petsmart today. She is getting used to the boots very quickly. My question is to all of you who own Maltese that are trained to go outdoors. Will she be warm enough? She only goes out for a minute or two to go potty. Should we stop walking her when the weather gets really cold? Thanks!! Jackie and Mika


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

It should be pretty obvious to you if she is too cold outside. She will shake and head right back to the door. If it is warm enough for you then she should be allright for a short while, just watch her reaction and take her in if she looks uncomfortable.

Jackie, Lucy has gone through two winters now. I bundle her up when it is cold--sometimes both a sweater and her coat (which I got a little big so a sweater would fit under). She loves the snow and "regular" cold weather (I am in MD near D.C. and it doesn't usually get bitter cold) but when the wind chill factor goes down and the ground gets exceptionally cold, she will just sit down and refuse to move until I pick her up and carry her home. I have her 100% trained for outside, so what we do on these days is take as many "quick" walks as it takes for her to finish up all she needs to do there. I'm not such a big fan of cold weather either, so know how she feels. Usually, thankfully, there aren't many of these days during our winters here, but Lucy seems to be smart enough to figure out what she's willing to put up with. So just pay attention to the clues from your Mika and dress her as warmly as you would dress yourself--my rule of thumb is if my head is cold, Lucy needs a coat. She is already going for morning and late evening walks with a sweater (it's been in the lower 50s)
-cathy brown

Thank you for replying. Cathy, I like near D.C. too and our winters are freezing. Mika is wearing her sweater most of the time too. I am glad to hear that Maltese can make it through the winter :-) Jackie and Mika
-Jackie F.

Don't lose them in the snow !!

Hey Jackie F. and Cathy Brown, I live on the Virginia Peninsula real close to both of you!

Wow, that's great I live in Maryland. Germantown to be exact, my maltese seem to like cold wheather. I took him out in cold morning before I headed to work, he doesn't want to go back in.

Hey Monet, Lucy, Carty, and I live in Germantown too! Maybe we could let the kids have a play date!
-cathy brown

Bogey, 2 1/2 year old pedigree male, lives in Northern Michigan. He says "NO!" to winter walks. Although trained to "go" out on the front concrete porch in snow, he would rather play inside whenever it's below 30 degrees. Owners agree. Sweater or none, he's smart. Exercise indoors where they are happier.
-Bob S.

Buster likes it outdoors, if you go out too. It does make him get down to business a bit faster on the cold days! In Minnesota, it gets real cold! He wears coats (the polar fleece ones are real nice!) and boots in the winter. He likes to "Help" us shovel the driveway.-Patti

Cathy where do you live in Germantown? I have male maltese he is about 12 lbs. He's kind of big for a maltese, but he is cuuute. Yes I would love to get my Buddie to play with yours. I live right across from Clopper's Mill shopping center :)

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