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sweaters in the winter?

by heidi

hi! This will be my first winter with my maltese. I was considering getting him a dog sweater, are these recommended? or is there coat enough to keep them warm? Thanks,Heidi


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

They have no undercoat so my dogs do not do well in cold weather. I can not put sweaters on them as it makes their hair mat, so they wear coats. There are so many cute ones to pick from. The pet stores do not carry the smaller sizes so I pick them out of the larger ones, and they special order them for me. I just got one that is red plad with a removable hood, and it is so cute. I get the satin lined ones so I don't have problems with their hair.
-Marsha A.

I have read a lot of the questions regarding puppy sweaters and coats and am thankful for the advice. I never even thought that Avery would need warm clothing. Now is the question. Where can I find these things. I am sure that where I live in Texas, we won't need them too often, but my parents, whom we visit quite regularly, live in Gunnison, Colorado which gets down to negative 20 and 30 on some occasions, and I wouldn't want her to turn into an icycle on the spot. Also, about how expensive are these items? One lady also mentioned boots. Are these practical? When we are in Gunnison there is a lot of snow??? Thanks for any help!

I also live in Texas, so there is not a lot of cold weather, but they really get chilled easily. Mine wear their coats most of the winter. I ordered mine through PetSmart in Beaumont, Tx. They are from 14.99 to 39.99
-Marsha A.

My dog is from Florida. Here in Chicago I can see his teeth start to chatter about 40 degrees. However he showes no intent to go back in the house.

My maltese, Skylar, and I just moved from Chicago to NYC, so we're well acquainted with cold. My rule of thumb on sweaters and coats: if I need a coat, Skylar does too. Coats and sweaters range in price from $15 to $120 (for doggie designer wear). Skylar also wears boots in the winter. I bought the boots not so much to keep his paws warm (although they do that), but to keep the chemicals and salt used to melt the snow from burning his paws. If this is an issue for you when you visit your parents, consider buying boots (they are priced between $20 and $30 in New York). If your maltese will not wear boots, there is also a wax that goes on the bottom on the paws to keep them from burning.
-Wendy & Skylar

I purchased a darling blue coat for Lucca from JB Wholesale Pet Supplies (you can find the number to order the catalogue on this site). It's made of polar fleece, can be adjusted for fit with velcro fasteners and is tolerated by him much better than sweaters that I have to pull over his head. Wendy -- you mentioned boots. Where do you find boots to fit such little feet. I live in NYC as well, so please let me know where I can find them before the first snow. Thanks.

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