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Are They Non-Allergy ?

by Karen

A friend of mine loves maltese but is allergic to dogs. I have seen in the paper were they advertise maltese as non-allergy. Has anyone had experience with this and could a person allergic to dogs not be allergic to a maltese ?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Karen, I just had a little rescue maltese who was adopted by a family where the daughter had asthma and had never been able to have a dog. Her mom also read that maltese didn't cause problems with allergies (and usually they do not as they have hair like people and therefore don't have dander which is what most people are allergic to). I gave her Raimie and an option to bring him back to me if her daughter had any problems. They have had him for about a month now and all is well. He sleeps on the little girl's bed and is definitely "her dog."
-cathy brown

My son has been allergic to dogs and cats all his life. We've had our Maltese (Mason) for a year and a half now and my son doesn't seem to be bothered at all by him. He loves him!!! Good Luck :)
-Karen K.

Hi Karen My daughter was 7 when we first brought our maltese home. My daughter has severe asthma & is allergic to everything. However our maltese does not bother her in the least. If she goes to family or friends homes where there is either a cat or dog we are not able to stay any longer than 1/2 hr & that is pushing it.

I have asthma. I had poodles but had to give them up as it was killing me. I now have maltese and have no reaction to them at all. My Granddaughter has severe allergies and was tested for dog hair and was a big positive. When she gets around dogs, her eyes turn red and tear, she coughs, and will run a temperature. She practically lives at my house and my dogs are in her lap most of the time, and she never has a reaction.
-Marsha A.

My husband is horribly allergic to dogs. We went to his allergist and asked if there was any way we could have a dog and my husband not have constant allergy problems. He recommended that we look into getting a Maltese! We did! He rarely has problems. The only thing we have found that bothers him is if we go more than a week without bathing her. That is a problem easily solved! Good luck!

Karen,I am a severe asthmatic, and was told there is no such thing as a allergen free animal. I cannot be in a house where there is a cat for even ten minutes (it is life threatening for me). I took a chance and bought a maltese, and I am living proof that they are safe for people with allergies. The only time my Chelsea bothers my allergies is when she tries to be a dust mop. She is great.

My boyfriend has asthma and allergies and we too were told that Maltese would not bother him. We got a beautiful little puppy and three days later my boyfriend was deathly ill. We took my boyfriend to the allergy doctor and he said that some people are allergic to the dog's saliva, as well as the dander. We ended up having to get rid of her. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I highly recomend borrowing a dog for a day or two and seeing how it works out. My boyfriend is now getting allergy shots twice a week and we hope to be able to get a dog in about six months!

To Mel: Keep the dog get rid of the boyfriend!
-michael A

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