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Hyper after crating

by Bruce

I have a beautiful six month old female named " Missie".She is a great pup and I now have her fully potty trained.During the day while I am at work I keep her in her crate.I return at lunch time to walk her. I notice she is very hyper during the evening hours when she is not caged and free to roam through the house. On the weekends however she is quite calmer. I think the cage must wind her up during the day and when let out, she acts like a school kid when the 3:00 bell rings. Other than this I have no complaints. She sleeps through the night uncaged in her round bed that she loves.I never thought I would grow so attached to this dog, but I find myself watching the clock at work anxious to get home and see her.Thank's for listening,Bruce


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Bruce, My baby Misha is the same way, I don't crate her during the day but, when I get home at night she is a little maniac. All she wants to do is play and run around, tons of energy and fun! I think crated or not they sleep most of the day. I too noticed that on weekends, as we are inseperable, she is sleepy and pretty calm during the day and then crazy again at night. By the way, I know just how you feel, I can't wait to get home at the end of the day, I look at her little picture on my desk all day and miss her terribly. I sometimes try to think of ways to sneak her into work with me!! :)

Hi Bruce, Sounds like Missie has a real caring Dad. My little girl is also home alone during the day and I too find her to be very hyper at night and much less so on weekends. These babies do have alot of energy and while Bailey has run of the kitchen during the day I think they sleep alot of the time and just can't wait till you get home to start playing. On weekends your home more so they are not sleeping and use up their energy. What I try to do (although now its getting cold) is when I get home I walk her to the nearest field and on a flex leash she runs pretty wildly all around in circles to get her exercise and it does help a bit. These little fur balls are great and it is truly amazing how attached we all become to them - i can't wait to get home to my girl also. Have fun with Missie!!
-Robin D.

This message is to Stacy who replied. I admit, I have sneaked my Princess to work twice. Both times my boss was not in, and I closed my cubicle up with a board. She slept under my desk and on my lap. I was stressed out, though, that she might bark and be noticed. But everything worked out. PS. I HAD to bring her in those days, for reasons I do not wish to get in to.

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