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High Anxiety

by Pamela

Well, my little angel apparently had separation anxiety this last weekend when we went away for 4 days. She got diarrhea a day after we left, and had it for 3 days--kept me up almost all night the day we got home. The vet said we need to socialize her more. But as I've written before, she doesn't want to socialize--only with people who come into our home does she feel comfortable with! It's going to be hard to go away (my sister had her in her home a good part of the time while we were away, even at night--we all spend tons of time there) knowing that she will go through this. She was fine in every way except the diarrhea. I can't believe a little baby (9 months) cares so much for her family already--we couldn't love an animal more than this beautiful little thing. But I don't want her to be upset at any time--I thought she was a little more resilient than this, as she seems very independent--any suggestions?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Why not take her with you??? My Maltese is very spoiled and hates any person that is not her family and I know this is because we did not socialize her when we first got her. But I decided to start taking her with us (she is now 4 yrs old) and at first I was afraid she would bark at people. I found out that if you take her away from her environment that she is protective of she does not bark at poeple. She doesn't like poeple to talk to her or pet her but she doesn't bother them if they don't bother her. She has gone camping with us and goes to other people's houses when we visit friends. She gets very excited now when we get in the car to go somewhere and she is very well trained when we get there, she just sits in my or my husband's lap and doesn't bother anything. Your little angel could be a very good road trip companion if you let her especially if you love and miss your dog as much as we do.

I agree, I bought a little bag (like moms carry babies in--with shoulder straps and the bag in front) and I take Angel with me practically everywhere I go where she can't be walking on a leash. She loves "going out". She also enjoys the car and is a good little visitor. Haven't had any problems.
-Cathy W.

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