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Wee Pad and Housebroken?

by Sandy

Is it possible to have a maltese wee wee pad trained and housebroken? My 2 year old Shelby is supposed to be housebroken, although she rarely goes outside. During her home alone times, I leave her in the bathroom with wee wee pads and she always goes on them. She's so tiny (and so is her pottying) that I don't mind her using them. It seems a whole lot easier (particularly in inclement weather). Am I expecting too much (or confusing her) hoping she can do both? I still take her out in the a.m., after meals (when I'm there) and before she goes to bed (but she rarely goes).


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Sandy,I have Maltese that are trained to use both the wee wee pad and the yard. I start by training to the wee wee pad frist then when the dog is 100% dependable on the wee wee pad I let them go out to the yard. It has worked for me for years. Living where the weather is unpredictable this keeps me little ones in from the bitter cold, rain and snow. The important part is train to the wee ewee pad first.

Sandy, my 4 month old Snowy is trained to use both the yard and the wee wee pads. He is quite regular and when I am home, I let him out to the yard. However, when I am not home or that it was inconvenience to use the yard, he uses the wee wee pads. I have read that to train both would confuse the dog. Well, I started Snowy on the yard at 7 weeks and only started indoor training at about 8 weeks. At first he wanted to go out i.e. he looked as if he needed to go but refused to do it indoors. Finally he decided that I wasn't going to let him out (actually the indoor training started when it started to rain for days). When he finally went on the wee wee pads, I praised him and rewarded him with food. He soon decided that it was OK to do it indoors.

My dogs are trained to papers and outside. They have a dog door and kennel run, but if it is too cold, I put down the papers and close the door. They do not seem confused by this at all, and do quite well with both.
-Marsha A.

How old is Shelby and how much does she weigh? I'm using crate and wee pads right now, but hoping to get mine trained to outside. The wee pads are great though if you are going to be away from home for a few hrs. My fur baby is 6 months old and I'm still being trained!!!!!

Hi Sandy and Shelby, I have a new baby girl myself and have also double trained her. While I'm at work and sometimes when I'm home if Bailey has to go potty she will go to the Puppy John with the wee-wee pads but also goes outside and I believe she prefers outside. She really never goes #2 in the house and only uses the puppy john when necessary. Bailey is only 5 months and I don't know if because Shelby is 2 yrs or not that would make a difference as far as confusion goes but I think these little ones are pretty smart and with patience, Shelby will catch on. Good Luck!
-Robin D.

Well, I'm no expert, but I can tell you that in our situation, if Zsa Zsa wasn't trained to the wee wee pads when she can't get outdoors, I would have been running up and down our stairs when she had her diarrhea. So, if it isn't good, please don't tell Zsa Zsa. She never goes anywhere in the house, but I always have the wee wee pads down in case of emergencies. And, if we ever go anywhere it is a lot easier to take the wee wee pads in the car, hotel room, etc. She prefers to go outside, but will use them. Hope this helps.

When I first got my maltese I lived in a house full of people who would forget to let her outside when I was home etc. She never would pee outside because she learned it was so much easier to pee inside on the carpet! Anyway when I moved out on my own I decided she was not going to pee in my new house. I watched her like a hawk and put her outside at regular times, I tried to set a schedule for her and rewarded her with treats. This worked immediately! She has never had an accident in my house. I put her out first thing in the morning and don't let her in til she goes then she stays in the bathroom while I go to work and she doesn't pee in there becuase she will not pee where she eats or sleeps and then she goes out again when I come home for lunch and then again when I get home from work in the evening, she goes out again before bedtime. All dogs need consistency, I realized this was the reason why my dog was not housetrained before. I still watch her like a hawk becuase I still don't trust her but now she understands what is expected of her and knows that I want her to pee outside. However your dog should be trained to what is easier for you. If you think wee wee pads are easier then that is all she should be expected to go on. She can not understand that you prefer her to go outside, she is just doing what she likes to do better. If you want her to pee outside you need to find a way to show her that's what you want. I find my dog is a much better companion now that I am comfortable knowing that if I take her camping or on road trips that she will go to the bathroom outside and she is much happier knowing what I want her to do so that she won't get scolded for doing something wrong that she doesn't understand how to fix.

Halen's Comet has been trained using the wee wee pads since I got him. I work all day and the pads are in the bathroom. He always uses them. We've even been able to to travel with him and stay at places that don't allow dogs because he is so well trained. We can leave him all day and only this spring/summer did he go outside to potty. Now he does both ways and doesn't get confused. I think it's the greatest thing and wonderful since I work too far away to come home to let him out. I did however, hire the neighbor girl to play with him after she gets home from school. She comes when she can. I've been told my doggie is unusually good about the paper use. I'm spoiled, I guess, but it's wonderful!

How do you keep puppies from playing with the Wee Wee pads? Our Chipper and Misty are 19 weeks old, and we also want them to be "double trained." We have been putting them in their crates and then letting them outside. The weather here has been very bad the last several days, so we have been trying to get them to use the Pads. They love to shred them and eat them, and move them out of their way so they can use the floor. So, any ideas on getting them to use the pads for their intended purpose instead of playing with them? Thanks!

Hi gang! Our Brittney uses the wee wee pads to pee on 99% of the time. When she goes pee outside it is usually to "mark". One thing we did notice is that if she thinks the pads are ready to be thrown out, then she might pee on the floor. She does #2 every time we take her out, which she picked up on her own, and only goes in the house if we aren't up when she gets up. (We work nights and she likes to sleep for a few hours at a time)
-David and Cindy

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