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Hair length?

by Derek

I was wondering how long it will be before my maltese will have floor length hair? I would also like to know when it is neccessary to cut his hair? I read the clipping nails section of the maltese only page and will start clipping immedietely. Just to let you know I wash Cyrus's hair once a week. I have to get to work.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

How long it takes to get a full coat depends on several things. The parents have a bunch to do with it for one and how you keep coat for another. Do you wrap coat? As far as I know that is a important factor and how often do you groom? As far as trimming the only trimming done is to neaten the feet and keep hair trimmed between toes.
-Carol A

I have always kept my Maltese's hair short because it is taked less brushing and bathing to take care of it but in the last six months I decided to let it grow. It is not floor length yet but it is almost there. It takes a lot of effort to keep her hair tangle free now. I brush her twice a day and if I miss one day she has many matts and brushing is not enjoyable for her as it usually is. You should only let your dog's hair grow out if you have the time to care for it. I bathe her once a week and it takes more than an hour to wash, brush, blowdry and flea treatment. She's beautiful when we're done but I do get tired of taking care of it. I spend more time on her hair than on my own. Maltese look beautiful with long or short hair, do what you and your dog have time and the patience for.

I was wondering the same thing - my maltese is 7 months old, and his hair is long but not quite floor length, and I keep wondering at what age will it be as long as its going to get. aj

Herald is ten months old now and I have never cut his hair. He definitely has a "cotton coat" and it is about four inches long. At this point I have decided to just keep letting it grow however long it will. He sure is adorable! He looks almost exactly like the Maltese on the website title bar.

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