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Smart Girl!

by Sandy

Just wanted to share this cute story about Shelby! We bought a dog gate to keep Shelby in the portion of the bathroom that's tiled (and away from the commode). It has plastic covered wire checkerboard style with a wood frame (typical dog gate). Well, we tried it out on her while we were home (and I'm glad we did!). She kept checking it out trying to find a way out (we were peeking). She finally decided enough was enough and placed those tiny paws (she's not quite 4 lbs.) and climbed all the way over! She was so proud of herself! (I'm very glad we were there around to watch her reaction (and intervene) because obviously this could be very dangerous and she could break something.) But the look of accomplishment on her face was priceless!! Needless to say, the doggy gate has been replaced with a baby gate that she can't scale!!


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Hi,That is a cute story.My little 15 week old pup has a new bed.There is about a 5cm drop when climbing out of it.She backs up and takes a running leap over the side of the bed. She looks very proud of herself.She is very cute.

I have a funny baby gate story too. When Buster was tiny, we used to confine him to the laundryroom, with a babygate. Well, we would come home to find him outside the gate. We couldn't figure out how he was doing this, so we set up the video recorder, and caught him on tape. We had bitten a section of the webbing, in such a way that it allowed his tiny body to slip through the opening. When he passed through the webbing sprung back, and you couldn't tell where the slice was. We then purchased a gate with vinyl coated wire instead, and it looked the same. He could not figure out why, when he pushed his head against it, it didn't budge. -Patti

How cute! My husband and I are terrified at how smart our little one is--our other two animals are wonderful, but not nearly as intelligent. She's only 9 months, and we wonder what she has in store for us. But not only is she the smartest, she is also the most lovable and affectionate little dear--our lives have been changed for the better forever. Thanks for the fun story!

If your girl is like my boy, her sense of accomplishment will only make her want to climb over higher and higher obstacles. Has anyone else got a climber?

Sandy: Cute story! Sounds like your have been enjoying Shelby, I'm glad everything is working out so well. Love, from KoKo and Shayna. P.S. Shayna's birthday was today and tomorrow night is her party, 6 K-9's and 14 Humans. Later

When I first brought my Jessie home she climbed out of the playpen I bought for her on the first day! It was a babys playpen with the mesh. I was so surprised that she would have the strength! She didn't even weigh 2 lbs! Needless to say, I returned it and got a playyard (which I had to adjust so she couldn't fit through the sides. She was so small!

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