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another cute story

by Nanci

When Tino (my 4-year old) and I returned home to San Fran, CA from Miami, FL last week, he was exhausted but followed me around the house while I did a few chores. I figured he thought I was planning to leave again and didn't want to be left behind. Finally he dropped out of sight and I went looking for him. Well, there he was: snuggeled and asleep in my carry-on bag which I hadn't un-packed yet, and contained his bones, food and cookies.

By the way, I just wanted to say that he is the best little traveling companion. He stayed with me on the plane, and lucky for us he even had his own seat (the plane wasn't full), but he chose to sit on my lap. I wrapped him in a blanket and of course anyone who saw him (flight attendants as well) just coo-ed him and remarked how well behaved he was. So many people also asked if he was tranquilized (he wasn't). I guess a Maltese's favorite place is on his mommy's (or daddy's) lap. Given that, all's wonderful in the world.


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Nanci, I can only hope our Sophie is so well behaved when we fly to Phoenix in December. She is 7 months old now and is a little hyper. We have her own Sherpa bag for her to travel in, but we are alittle anxious about activity level. I'm sure she will do fine tho. It's a short flight from No. Calif.

Nancy how did you get your baby to be with you on the plane? How much do you have to pay for him to travel with you? BTW that was a cute story :)

That is such a sweet story! Thank you for sharing it with us! I take Taffy with me everywhere, even in one restaurant we frequent! The lady who owns it is a good friend, she has a poodle who stays in their office! Of course Health Dept. don't like this, so be careful!! Usually we only do this when its not busy, and everyone just loves Taffy, but she stays on my lap and is so quiet and good!
-Robin K.

How cute! I wish Snowy would be so well behaved! Snowy is 4 months old and is quite hyper. He gets so excited everytime we are out of the house that it is quite difficult to voice control him. He attends puppy pre-school where there is another Maltese. The other Maltese is so quiet and placid while Snowy gets all crazy and refuse to stay still (even when I am holding him on my lap). The other day, we were doing some 'COME when called' exercises. Another owner was calling for her dog which refused to go to the owner, the other Maltese broke lose from his collar, race to the other owner who was calling, to get the titbit (that was about the only time that this Maltese did anything naughty). Snowy was then too busy investigating the grounds to bother. The next thing I know, the trainer shouted 'Keep Snowy Away Please. Get Better Control Of Your Dog', when it wasn't Snowy at all! I guess Snowy has quite a reputation, eh? I can imagine taking Snowy on the plane ..... I guess I would be thrown out mid-air! However, I do think that Snowy will 'slow down' when he is older ... let's hope so. Oh yes, I actually train Snowy from 8 weeks onwards and he does all the normal commands beautifully at home. But if you meet him (and he will get really excited at meeting people), you would think that he is totally untrained!

Hi Monet: All the major airlines allow small dogs to fly in the cabin with you. You just need a regulated crate (one that fits under the seat). Also, the standard price is $50 each way. They're technically considered excess baggage and get their own ticket. Tino's been flying about twice a year since he was 4 months old. I'm wondering if he can earn frequent miles at this point.

I take him out of the crate after take-off and put him on my lap. Sometimes flight attendents insist he go back in the crate (for safety reasons), but when that occurs I just hide him under my blanket and he usually understands that he needs to stay put when the attendent comes around. I push things a bit. For instance if people are open to him (flight attendents as well) I'll even take him for a walk around the cabin. Every flight is different and a lot depends on if someone is sitting next to me and whether they're dog friendly, etc. When I check-in, however, I do point out to the agent that I'm traveling with a little dog and I suggest we get our own row so we don't bother anyone. When the plane is not full this request is usually granted.

So. Hope that helps. I'd never let Tino fly in cargo. I hope you and your little one have a safe trip together.

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