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Archived Message

Service Dog

by Shelley

We are so proud. KoKo has become my "Service Dog". Don't know if she is the first Maltese Service Dog, but I bet there aren't too many. As some of you know, I am hearing impaired due to brain surgery in 1989 that left me totally deaf in my right ear and I am impaired in the left. Someday when my second tumor grows large enough I will face total silence. We have been working to get KoKo trained, however, the FL Hearing Guide Dog people told us we had to get rid of Shayna. Can you imagine? We have found an organization that will work with us and KoKo has officially began accompanying me when I go out alone. The only problem is, she comes home and brags to Shayna about where she's been today. KoKo is learning to get me when the phone or door bell rings and to wake me when the alarm clock goes off. Most important, I have trouble with traffic behind me and she is beginning to bump my leg when a car approaches. Remember, I told all of you she was "The Best Dog in the World", (Our Pet Shop puppy). KoKo is a big girl, she weighs 9 1/2 lbs and stands much taller and is much longer than Shayna. Please join us in congratulating her on a job well done. Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information about the program.


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Hi Shelley, I'm happy to read that Koko "your own dog" has become such an important part of your life without having to give up your other special baby. As smart as these little ones are, it wouldn't surprise me if you posted a future note to say that Shayna is mimicking the things that Koko does to help you and now you have two helpers. To Koko, you're such a good girl!{ggg}

That is wonderful ! I strongly disagree with the training facility. My dogs learn from each other, so I feel that Shayna will learn from Ko Ko, and you will have two service dogs.
-Marsha A.

Shelley, It's so wonderful to hear about KoKo!! What a smart little baby, and a such a help to you! I guess they thought Shayna would hinder KoKo in the training and being focused on you, I am so glad you would not consider getting rid of her! I am so sorry to hear about your hearing, but glad you have your babies to help and love you!!
-Robin K.

Hi Shelley, KoKo sounds like a real treasure. I am constantly amazed by stories of dogs helping their owners. My dad had a severe hearing loss and his cockapoo used to tug at his trousers when the phone would ring. No one trained him to do this, he just did it. The love and compassion dogs give is often greater than that from humans. Good luck with your continued progress.
-Cathy W.

Hi Shelley, what a smart lady your KoKo is! Just goes to prove that all those people who say that maltese are stupid dogs don't know what they're talking about. Congratulations from all of us!
-Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

Shelley, I don't know how I missed this post! How wonderful that your KoKo is able to be such a great help to you! As others have stated, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that Shayna learns from KoKo and becomes very helpful also. Meanwhile, I will keep you and your babies in my prayers and Shelby sends kisses to you all!

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