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Hiking with Maltese?

by April B.

Hi, everyone! It's been awhile. Noah is 8 months, now and even more gorgeous and wonderful. He has graduated from obedience school and recently took the one mile walk at our "Wag-a-thon" to help raise money for our local humane society. A total of $18,000 was taken in. We came in third for the dog and owner look alike contest. It was a fun day. My husband and I are taking a trip to the Smokey Mountains. We are bringing Noah, of course. It will be cold, so I am getting him a little coat. Do you all think he will be able to hike with us, or should we leave him in the van? He is an excellent traveller, and loves to go everywhere.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

I would bring him. Use a pouch or a carry bag when he tires out. Sometimes the terrain gets a little rough for those short legs!

I recently took a short vacation in Utah, and took my dog with.We went on a 2 1/2 hour hike. At first I carried my baby, epecially when we would go across creek crossings. I started to let him down little by little. Boy he had the time of his life. It was the best part of vacation, seeing how much fun he was having.He defenitly needed a bath aftwards but it was well worth it.

April, also consider a canteen, just bought one for my girls. It has a top that screws off so the mouth is wide for them to drink out of, and it has a carrying strap. About $11.00 Foster Smith Catalog. By all means be prepared to carry him, Cool paws (boots) might not be a bad idea too. You woundn't consider hiking without boots would you? Sounds like fun, we were at a State Park in Wisconsin this summer and it rained the hole time so we didn't hike at all. Did some hiking in Canada and the girls were great until it rained. Hope you have better luck.

Hello, I too would bring your little one along on the hike in a carry bag. But, be sure Noah is secured into the bag and can't jump out if sometimes excites him or catches his eye. My husband and I hike with our 2 Maltese and are extra careful that they can't jump out of their carry bags. We fear that they could fall off a little ledge or land on something sharp, etc. To keep them warm I put a polar fleece pillow on the bottom of the bag for insulation. They love it! Have fun.

Please do not leave your Maltese unattended in your auto--he/she may not be there when you return. Autos left at trail heads are very easy targets for thieves and there have been cases where they have stolen the car and the dog or baby, too. Maltese are generally very hearty and love a good hike. I've taken mine in years past (many, many years past) as far as 7 miles with them still eager for more! A lot depends upon what the Maltese is used to doing. If he/she is a "lay around," expect to carry your baby much of the way. Most state parks require dogs to be on leashes. Maltese generally have extremely good hearing and eye sight and can dart away quickly after a wild animal or bird. I used to carry mine across shallow rivers and up steep banks, otherwise she was very self-reliant on her sturdy fast little legs! Be sure to post and tell us of your adventure.
-Beverly B. Passe

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