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Spaying advise again

by Robin K.

I know I have to get Taffy spayed, and I know all the reasons why. So, I am going to make the appointment. First I need advise from all of you. As you know, it is hard for me to leave her and have anything done to her! Is it reasonable for me to ask the vet if I can stay all night there, even hold her, until she can come home? And, how do you keep them from jumping up on the couch and things like that while they heal? And how do you keep them from licking "there" afterwards? I would appreciate any advise as I am so uptight about doing this....thanks.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Robin K. My Vet does his operations twice during the day, if you have the 7:00 AM surgery unless there are complications they can come home that afternoon. KoKo's went so well, we were called by 8:00 AM to come get her. Shayna had to stay until 4:00 PM because of the Dew claws being removed. Both started to take water (sucked ice cubes) late afternoon and I gave them one piece of food at a time around 6:00 PM. Took them outside put them in position and they piddled (carried them of course). Had no problem keeping them quiet they were more than happy to just lay on the bed. Shayna used the dog bed and I moved her from room to room to be with us. She was down 3 1/2 days, KoKo was only down 1 1/2 days. they did not lick at all, nature took its course and they were just fine. I know what you are going thru, but Taffy will be back to her oldself in no time. They will shave her belly too. Ask your Vet about early surgery so she can come home late afternoon.

When I have surgery of any kind done on my dogs I stay for the surgery. After they put the iv in and shave them. I hold them in my arms while they put them to sleep. Before they wake up, I hold them again. They wake up in my arms. Those first few minutes when they wake up, they are screaming and scared, so I like to be there to comfort them during that time. I then hold them and stay for the 3 to 5 hours of observation time. I do not leave them overnight, but take them home with me where I can watch them. I put them in the bed with me so that I will know if they start having problems. The next few days I keep them close to me to be sure that they stay quiet. Now with the glue that they use instead of the stitches, they do not seem to want to lick or bite that area, so that is nice. My vet asks me every time if I would like to "sit in" on the procedure, but I really have no desire to be included in that part.
-Marsha A.

Another note: I talked to the vet office today. They want Taffy the night before, and the night of. I refuse the night before. But I am very concerned about the night of. They want to "keep an eye on her", BUT, the vet goes home at 7 PM and no one is there until the next morning, when they will check on her! No way will I leave her with no one there. This is not "keeping an eye on her". She would be better off with me cause I know I will keep an eye on her and I at least can use the phone to call if she has a problem! What do you all think of this?
-Robin K.

Robin, Different vets must have different ideas of the time necessary to be sure the procedure has gone well. I know a couple of people who were told their dogs had to stay overnight before the surgery was performed, but my veterinarian did Lucy in the morning and I took her home around 5 o'clock that night. I stayed at the vet's office all day, just to be sure. I wanted to be there if she needed anything. When I brought her home she was pretty much doped to the gills and slept on my bed for most of the next day or so. I carried her outside to go potty and back in again, and fed her by hand until she felt like being up and about. (Now, admittedly she is very spoiled and perhaps didn't need quite so much coddling, but. . .). The only problem we had was that she got a staph infection in her stitches--the vet hasn't a clue why--and actually screamed with the itching. We took her back the 2nd day for a shot and I wiped down her belly with peroxide several times a day and had to give her antibiotics. That was pretty awful for her, but not life threatening. At any rate, I would tell the vet that I wanted to bring your little girl home at the end of the day (my vet gave me her home phone number plus the number for the emergency clinic in case there were problems, but she anticipated none.) I just read a post where a little one "left overnight for observation" died. The vet told this baby's owner that the dog had died sometime between 7 pm and the early hours of the morning--in point of fact, there was no one there to "observe." In my opinion the baby is better off at home with its family if there are no immediate complications. If the vet wouldn't agree to this, I'd find another. Just my opinion. Try not to worry too much about the actual surgery. It will turn out fine.
-cathy brown

Hi Robin! I know just how you feel as I'm having Bailey spayed on the day after Thanksgiving so that I can spend time the entire weekend watching over her,however, and this is only my opinion - my vet also wants her to stay overnight and I can pick her up first thing in the a.m. which I will do. I do trust this particular vet very much with the only problem being he doesn't allow anyone to stay. He also leaves at 7 p.m. but I wouldn't want anyone else to operate on my baby either sooooo... I guess I'll just be up worrying all night but know in the long run it will be best for her. As far as her staying the night before, that seems totally unnecessary and I wouldn't do that either - they probably want to do that to make sure she gets no food or water or anything after midnight. I was also glad to read from Marsha that they now use glue instead of stitches as when I had my first girl,Casey, spayed she had a bad time always trying to rip the stitches out. They say the best time for spaying is about 6 mos which Bailey will be by then - how old is Taffy? Hope this helped a little. Good Luck with your decision!
-Robin D.

Robin,I understand your anxiety! When my little boy, Bailey, had to be neutered I was a wreck. Although the Vet thought he'd be able to come home that night after the surgery, he couldn't guarentee it until he saw how Bailey did. I asked if I could "sleep over" with him if he had to stay and was told no. But, he said I could try to hire one of the Vet techs to stay overnight. If you are uncertain whether Taffy will need to stay the night - I would suggest investigating this option. I know it's absolutely not the same as you being with her, but it's better than her being alone. I also would be sure you feel comfortable with your vet and the time tables they usually work within. Ask him/her how often a little one has to stay overnight. If they keep them overnight a lot, you might want to consider finding another doctor. You and Taffy will be in our thoughts!

When I changed to my new vet he wanted to keep one of mine overnight. He promised me someone would be there and that he checked in with them. After a little fight I gave in, but told him I wanted an update on his progress. They called me every two hours all night long ! I feel more comfortable leaving one with him, but do not unless it is a really bad situation. If no one was going to be there, I wold never leave one. I think that they need to really be watched after surgery, and I can do that and so can you. Sometimes you have to just tell the vet how it will be done. Stick to your guns, you are 100% right.
-Marsha A.

Well....I made the appointment today to have Taffy spayed. She had to get a booster shot today, and does not feel good tonight. I talked to the vet, she said no one is there at night, but they are better off being alone to recup and stay quiet. I said that I wanted to bring Taffy home so if she had a problem I could call. They said they prefer I not be there while they put her under or when she wakes up because they have small quarters and makes them nervous when the owner is there. The appointment is for Nov. 11th, and her surgery is at 9:30 am. I will be there, and she will come home with me. We only have 3 vets in the whole area, and this one is highly reccommended, and has seen Taffy since she was a pup. But I think I will call the other two as well. If it comes down to it, this vet can't keep me from bringing her home can she? Taffy is 16 months old, is a little snooze bug, plus sleeps with us nestled up to me, I know I can keep a close eye on her. I really appreciate you all, I told the vet about this group, and I think she thought I was crazy :).
-Robin K.

Robin,Taffy is YOUR dog, YOUR child. By my lights that means YOU choose. If there are no complications and all is regular post-surgery drowsiness, etc., it is your right to insist that you bring her home. Don't be bullied!! Tell them to call me and I'll make sure you get her home (learned how to take care of such things from my mom--a cantakerous lady even when she died at 90!) ;-) Take care and let us know how it all goes for you and for Taffy.
-cathy brown

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