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hair all tangeled

by kylie

Hi! Last christmas I brought my Dad a maltese puppy which they love dearly.He's definately the most spoilt you've ever seen.His name is Snowy.He's nearly 12 months old,and a healhy little dog. But my dad get's dearly upset about all the tangels that he gets in his hair. Dad brushes him reguarly, but to no avail the knots are back the next day.so I'd thought I'd write in to see if any body could suggest something to try.I have read some suggestions but we live in Australia and can't get some of these shampoo's and things over here.So could any one help?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

After trying everything under the sun, and then some, the best thing in the world to make combing the mats out so much easier is a spray product called "Hair Insurance" by Aussie. I can't recall the person who posted this magic solution, but I would love to give them a great big hug. Mikee and Angel also thank you! I tried to find the previous messages, but couldn't. Maybe since it is a product by Aussie, you'll be able to find it. It has vitamins and seems to cause the comb/brush to glide through the mats, tangles. It dries almost instantly so the babies don't stay wet or cold. I just wish I'd have known about it eleven years ago. I may buy a case of it in case they take it off the market! Good luck! Annette

I found it! It's Stephanie Giroux who recommended "Hair Insurance" by Aussie. Thank you, thank you Stephanie! It has saved my sanity and my puppies' personalities! Annette

If your dog is extremely matted, you might have to have the hair cut and start over. A lady here mentioned using Sauve detangler for kids and it does work well to remove the tangles. After they are all removed, you can order some Pet Silk from the advertisement page here, and mix it half and half with water. After bath and blow dry and the tangles are removed, shake the oil mixture well and spray lightly over the entire body, paying close attention to the hips, legs, chest and ear areas. Brush and blow dry as usual. Be sure to part the hair and dry the underneat hair. The oil will help control the matting between baths and you will find that brushing is much easier. Major matting is caused from dry hair and the oil will condition and keep it from drying out. The oil after dried will not feel oily or greasy, but soft and silky.
-Marsha A.

Marsha, I hate to admit I'm confused as to where to order the Pet Silk. I love the Hair Insurance by Aussie, but thought the Pet Silk might be great for keeping the tangles from getting started. How do I access the Advertisement Page on Maltese Only? Thanks, Annette

Hi Kylie: I live in Sydney. It is very frustrating hearing about these great products and not being able to find them here. (If anyone knows where to get products such as Coathandler, Petsilk, Aussie Hair Insurance, Suave Detangler or the Puppy John in Australia please put us out of our misery!) These are some products I have used which work very well. Shampoo: the Body Shop's "Mama Toto" baby shampoo with chamomile (this is really good and about $3 for a small bottle). Conditioner: Nature's Gate brand (not the "Rainwater" one - sorry, haven't been able to get it for a while so I can't remember the name, but it is a creamy pale brown and comes in a fat plastic bottle, about $15) or Redken's "Mira-9" (you can often get this "on special" in a huge pump bottle for about $18 from hair care stores and hairdressers). Detangling spray conditioner: Cinta's "No More Tangles" or L'oreal "Elseve" leave in conditioner (mousse). Make sure that your Dad gets a good quality metal comb - I got mine from Challenge Dog Supplies, they have a shop in Brookvale (weekdays only) or they have a booth on weekends at all the dog shows. They have lots of other high quality grooming aids like those little scissors with the really round tips. If your dog has a cottony coat he might do better with an ordinary (people) bristle brush instead of a pin brush - Moose hates the pin brush but loves the bristle one. Sorry for all the "name-dropping" and that this is so long!
-Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

Annette--thanks for looking up my posting. I do a couple of other things:

I brush my maltese thoroughly before bathing. I dilute shampoo and apply with a sprayer to get good coverage with little shampoo. I use a conditioning rinse after the shampoo. I wrap them in towels and we snuggle for about 20 minutes.While blowing them dry I use the AUSSIE HAIR INSURANCE. I will check and see if there is a distributor in Australia or if it can be ordered.
-Stephanie Giroux

Shampoos and conditioner are all great but daily brushing and combing combined with regular bathing will straighten out almost any Maltese. Dirty hair mats more easily than clean hair. Some Maltese need more frequent bathing than others. I bathe mine every two weeks, and comb, daily, plus I keep a shorter cut. I use baby powder on mine which helps keep the coat cleaner between baths. Just be careful not to get it in the eyes.
-April B.

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