She Cries when I go visit friends

I took my Maltese to my friends parents house this past weekend. I took her crate and for the most part she was a very good dog. The only problem was that when ever I left the room she would whine like crazy! This never happens at home. Everyone was loving on her and treating her very well. I had to tie her up so she would not run all over the very large house and get on the furniture, or have an accident. I was with her there in the kitchen for most of the time, and if I wasn't with her, someone el se was. She just went crazy when I left the room. She whined when she was in her crate too. The crate training is new for her. She is 7 years old. I guess because I'm the only one that has ever taken care of her, I have spoiled her.

What can I do so she will relax a little when I go back up there again? I really need help on this one. She just has to be with me ALL of the time - even when I take a shower in the bathroom!!HELP!!

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