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dog car seats?

by Donna

Has anyone out there heard of/seen/or used these dog car seats that hang over the back of the front seat of your car? They're for dogs or= 10 lbs, and allow the dog to sit at window level so that they can see out or to curl up inside and go to sleep. Did it work for you and your dog? Does it sound like something that would work? I tried using a crate to take our dog in the car but he barked and barked and barked. He prefers to sit on my lap. However, I don't feel this is very safe. Could this over the seat dog seat be a compromise?


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Where can you find those car seats ? I would like to try one. We also put little "Alex" in his crate and he barked and barked. He got himself sick to the point of vomiting from barking and jumping around. We took him out of the crate and I sat with him in the back seat. There he played with his toys and sleept cuddled next to me. Then, I, got sick from riding in the back seat !

Where do you find these at? I have never heard of one, but would love to get one for Taffy! She loves being able to see out. Do they restrain the dog in case of an accident?
-Robin K.

Shelby and I were shopping at PetSmart and talked to a lady with a maltese puppy who talked all about how great these car seats were. She then brought it into the store so I could see it. It looked pretty good and it does hook over the seat (I don't think it has a restraint tho). She said she purchased it from a Pet Catalog but couldn't remember the name of it. I would also be interested in purchasing one.

I saw some type of dog seat belt or holder in K-Mart the other day when I was looking in the pet dept. I didn't really stop and pick it up as I was looking for other items. It was not a car seat but some kind of a seat belt.
-Jane E.

Hi! Thank you for responding. I found two types of these car seats but haven't yet decided if I should order one. One is in the Fall 1997 "R.C. Steele" catalog for $29.86 on page 28. Item # T38-0004 It lists "dogs ride more comfortably with the Pet Car Seat. Positions animals high enough to see out the window without distracting the driver. Safety harness. Adjustable seat height. Machine wash. Fits dogs up to 10 lbs." and appears to be made of a cotton/linen type material The R.C. Steele Catalog phone number is: 1-800-872-3773. I found the other one in the "Miles Kimball" catalog (1997 Holiday preview) for $12.98 on page 52. Item # 517375. It lists "Pets ride in plush comfort. Simulated sheepskin over wood and metal frame forms a basket 12x12x6" deep in which Fido or Tabby can curl up for a nap or sit up and watch the world go by. Hooks over back of front auto seat, hangs at window level. For pets 20 lbs or less. Includes instructions for easy assembly." and an extra cover can be ordered on the same page for $7.98. Item # 436493. The Miles Kimball catalog phone number is: 1-920-231-4886. Please let me know if you decide to order one and how it works for you.

Thanks for the info. Donna! I'll be placing an order right away!

Donna: I have used the type of car seat from Miles Kimball for over 12 years. It is definitely a good bargain at $12.98. (I bought the more expensive one for my friend's poodle - it was the canvas type - and it was not nearly as substantial as my "sheepskin" one.) My first Maltese LOVED to go bye-bye, but HAD to have her seat in place. It works great both in the front seat and the back seat of the car. My new little hyper Maltese doesn't sit as still in the seat, but she likes to be able to look out the window. I would also recommend that some type of harness/seatbelt be used in addition to the car seat for safety purposes. Hope this info helps. Jackie Smith
-Jackie Smith

I also have the car seat which I purchased from the Miles Kimball catalog. It's great and safer then having your pet in your lap when you drive. I have rigged up a harness for my dog when she is in it. After you have hooked on the car seat to the back of the seat, pull the shoulder seat belt and cross it over the pet car seat and secure it. After you have done that, put your pet in a harness and hook that to the car seat belt. If you go to a pet store where all the leashes are, you will find a harness and a short handle leash. Loop the handle leash onto the car sear belt and then hook it onto the dog harness. I hope you can understand what I am trying to explain. We had a convertable and I was afraid she could fly out if I made a quick stop. Good Luck!

hi- there is also one in the Harriet Carter catalog. Sounds like the same as the Kimball but has a toll free number. 1-800-377-7878. catalog number is F4340 on page 4 of their newest catalog. the shipping cost is$3.98.Hope this helps.
-miriam rose

Thanks to all of you. I have looked for this car seat for ages (saw a lady with 2 Pekinese sitting in one once and loved it).Can't wait to order it. Isn't this website fantastic! Thanks to all of you and especially to Jay & Bev for providing this great space.
-Cathy W.

I have been looking for a car seat for just forever! I just ordered 2 ( one for me and one for a gift..) from Miles Kimball. I also inquired about a 1-800 phone number and they now have one and here it is 1-800-546-2255. Happy cruising to us all!

I read somewhere that the Drs Foster and Smith catalogue had a dog car seat that connected up to the seat belt and to your dog's harness. I didn't know where to get this catalogue in Australia and tried their website (www.drsfostersmith.com) hoping that the catalogue would be online but unfortunately it isn't. It does, however, have a toll-free ordering number (1-800-323-4208) so this may be helpful for you guys in the USA. Does anyone know of any pet product companies (apart from Sherpapet) who have online catalogues for us non-USA residents, or does anyone know if these toll-free numbers are worldwide? Thanks.
-Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

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