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air travel

by Ginger

I read with interest the message about taking puppies on plane rides. I am going on a 3,000 mile flight in December and will be taking my sweetie-pup, CJ. My question is, are there special places to take animals to relieve themselves at airports? We will be flying Continental and flying through Houston on the way out and Newark on the way back. Does anyone have experience with those airports? If there are no special places what do you recommend I do when she has to go? She is housetrained and will be 7 months old when we go.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Good question ! I know Houston's Airports, and I have not seen anything specially made for dogs to relieve themselves. I guess you will have to take them outside the terminal. I know also Paris (France) airport. I have seen a lot of dogs walking around inside the terminals (leashed) but no place for them to go.

I have traveled several times with my 3 years old CHIBI in a Sherpa bag and most of my trips were between Los Angeles and Newark airports. I have always taken the redeye flight which leaves LA @ 10:00 pm and arrives Newark @ 6:00 am. The reason for which is that I have already fed and given her water before we leave. It is suggested that you feed her 5 hours before and har last drink 2 hours before boarding. What I have done with Chibi to relieve herself, minutes before the boarding - I have a wee wee pad ready, I go to a disabled stall, I lay the pad on the floor, I put a leash on her - and I tell her to piss on command. Most often, she does it if she has the urge. Otherwise, she goes to the same procedure as soon as we disembark the plane @ Newark. By the way, we're taking the same trip this year on December 23.
-Rosella Cusi

How do you train a dog to potty on command? I would love to know how to do that! I keep telling my Shelby to go potty but she never does it when I tell her to. Thanks!

I don't think there are special places where dogs could go pee. I know that Japan might have some grass near the airport where dogs could probably relieve themselves, but not go poo poo. If they do you have to clean it up. I remeber this is because when we took out Maltese to Korea on United airlines when I was about 8, i remeber my mom took me out where there was grass and he was allowed to relieve himself, and he went poo. An offficial said that we had to clean up the poo. I guesss you would have to go out of the terminal and then relieve themselves. I don't think yyou should go on COntinental<---sorry if I offended you. I flew to Chicago with my friends mom and she brought her Shih Tzu, and they wouldn't let the dog go pee pee in the plane even if there were newspapers. Recently, I took my my Shih Tzu to maryland on United and I put newspaper on the floor in the bathroom, and he went pee, and I threw away the papers. hoped I helped.

Hi,I travel across country with my Bailey several times a year. We now have a new little girl and will travel with her for the 1st time next month. Chicago airport is my personal favorite to lay over in. Right outside their baggage claim is a large grassy area. I have a system down at that airport. Both San Fran. and LA are doable -not great-but doable. A few suggestions...ask to be seated as close to the front of the plane as possible...this allows for a quicker exit off the plane if you are short on time with your lay-over. When booking your flight ask for at least a 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour layover. More time means you can relax and have plenty of options to find grass and coax your little one to pee. If the airport has no visable place to pee then hop into a cab and instruct the driverto take you the closest patch of grass. Have him wait for you while your child pees. And, carry as little as you have too on the plane. I actually use a back pack so that I can have my hand totally free to care for my little one. Remember to pack: a few small treats, bottled water & dixie cups, tissues or paper towels (Bailey did vomit once - on the person sitting next to me - a story for another time), wee wee pads to use in the bathroom if neessary, an umbrella - it might be raining where you end up, a small hand towel (in case their feet or body gets wet outside). Also, if your little one has to stay in the carry bag throughout the entire flight you might want to consider putting your feet (without shoes on) under the bag so they can feel you. Good luck!

There is a grassy area right outside the International (IAB) area in the Houston airport. You will arrive in the C concourse right next to IAB but you will really have to move if you only have the average 20-40 minute layover. As for Michael's comment on Continental, the air personnel do try to make the trip enjoyable to everyone. Do you really think that one should let there dogs urinate in a closed air cabin? Maybe in the bathroom.

I took Napoleon in a plane many times, from the States to South America and back. These are very long flights. Sometimes the airlines allow you to take the dog with you in a Sherpa bag underneath your seat. Sometimes they don't. It depends on the flight too. If it is international or not. I normally gave Napo some drops for him to fall asleep in the plane. So, he doesn't feel like eating or anything. Sometimes, when we stopped in Miami I walked him outside the airport, put some paper on the floor and it was pretty good. He did what he had to do and went back to sleep. It would be better for you to ask your vet to recommend you some medicine so he remains quiet and doesn't suffer during the flight.

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