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claims to be reputable?

by Vicki in Texas

I live in Texas and I called a breeder today out of the newspaper and she told me she has Maltese, Shar Pei puppies, Boston Terrier puppies, Sheltie puppies, min pins, and pug/pekingese cross puppies. She also raises Cocker spaniels, lhasa apsos, poodles and english bulldogs. She claims to be a reputable breeder. Is this possible or should I look elsewhere? I aked her if she had shown any of them and she said she would but didn't have no time for it.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Of course she does not have time to show her dogs, she is too busy breeding way too many dogs. I would shy away from anyone who claims to breed that many different kinds of dogs!

Hmmm...sounds suspicious to me! Have you read the posts about puppy mills? I would go to the persons home and check it out, and if it looks like a puppy mill, please report it! I believe most responsible breeders usually breed one type of dog, and do it well. Be very careful.
-Robin K.

Vicky.. I wouldn't recommend you to the so called reputable breeder. As you already may know, the proper breedings of the any purebred dogs are to get as close to the established standard as we can. But this so called proper breeding is so hard to accomplish even with only one breed. The lady you mentioned, I don't know how she can manage to properly understand all the breeds. Or should I say, how can she manage to breed such high maintanence breeds like maltese and shih tzus, not to mention the other breeds all at the same time?

There are so many reliable breeders(I wouldn't want to use the word "reputable" since it doesn't mean much though it can be a helpful start.) out there you can contact..Why bother with a suspective person?
-John Kim

Vicki,I would steer clear of this breeder. It doesn't sound right to me.

I would stay clear of this Noah's Ark breeder. Thats what we call those type here. She has a love for only one thing and its not the puppy's.

If the general (non-dog-breeding public) was aware of the vast investment of time, energy, and, dare I say it, money, that goes into a truly dedicated breeding program of even a single breed - that public would indeed be wary of anyone who breeds even two breeds, much less the laundry list provided to you by this person (did you notice I didn't use the term "breeder"?). That is not to say that there are not a few individuals out there with substantial and, indeed, sufficient financial resources to hire kennel managers, professional handlers, etc. and indeed maintain a high degree of responsibility to several breeds simultaneously. But, first, these persons are "few and far between" and secondly, anyone who truly aspires to breed supreme quality dogs commits much more than just money into their endeavor. They commit heart, body, and soul. Speaking strictly on a personal basis, I gave my heart freely and forever to the Maltese and cannot see where I could do so to that degree with any other breed - not even if I decided to quit breeding Maltese completely and "transition" myself into another breed. I am developing an appreciation and understanding of other (particularly toy) breeds, but that is, simply, that - an APPRECIATION. And appreciation is NOT undying devotion, it is NOT shameless advocacy, and it DOES NOT approach the selfless commitment necessary to give up weekend "getaways" with family and friends (unless they are coming to a Dog Show), to give up extended vacations in romantic and entertaining resorts (unless you call Westminster a resort), to take time off of work, even vacation time, for whelping puppies or tending to the sick puppies or dogs. I just cannot believe one could ever be that way, and to that degree, with more than two breeds at one time.
-Larry Stanberry Divine Maltese

Vicki, Please let me add my two cents worth. Obviously, I don't know a thing about this woman so could be way off the mark. But the only instances I have ever heard of where someone was a "breeder" of so many different dogs were news reports of puppy mill incidents. (Please scroll down and read Jay's post of the news article about one in Florida). Unlike some of the advice here, I would not bother to "check out" this breeder (sorry) unless I took along someone from whatever legal entity in your area investigates puppy mill activity and closes them down. Puppy mills are hell for puppies and for their moms. Do nothing that will contribute to their continuation. (You might check with ASPCA or some similar folks in your area to see if they have any info on this particular person, as well--perhaps they might be willing to let you be the person who leads them into a major "bust." I am sure you'd get ":extra" points in Heaven--particularly at Rainbow Bridge!)
-cathy brown

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