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Long hair & backside

by Wendy P & Chilli

Well, I'm sorry for the sort of gross question, but I'm dying to know. I keep Chilli "puppy cut" because I have no intention of showing her and I think they look way cuter that way. I usually have Chilli groomed every 8 weeks. When it nears the 8th week and the hair near her "backside" gets to be about an inch or so long, sometimes her poop sticks to her. I know there are multiple definitions of puppy cut, but I just mean short. Anyway, I'm dying to know how those of you who maintain your kids' long coats handle this! Obviously, my solution would be to groom her more often, but otherwise, 8 weeks works out really well for her.What do you guys do? Wendy P & Chilli


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Wendy. Hard to discuss this without falling into "gross." But, two things: First, my groomer cuts what she describes as a "poop path," meaning that the hair in those nether regions is cut very, very close close--it tends to outlast the growth of the rest of the hair and keep this little problem from occuring. But, when it does not work...I put Lucy in the sink, wet her up just where the "problem is," add som shampoo, clean her up, spray her with the sprayer, just in that particular area, dry her little bottom and she's in the "poop free" zone. Does this help answer your questions or is that the one you were asking?
-cathy brown

I also have "Baby" in a puppy cut. She has cotton hair and I just couldn't put her through all the extra grooming and she was actually shying away from me everytime I looked at her. She thought I was coming after her with that brush again. And then everytime I held her I was finding another mat. She didn't even want to be held by me! The puppy cut is great for her peace of mind and mine. I do have her groomed at home ( it was too tramatic going to the groomer) every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. She's nine years old and isn't called "Baby" for nothing! If she goes any longer than that, I do find that "you know what" does stick to her. If that happens, don't pull it off.....cut it off. It won't be messy that way. Use baby scissors.

Cut it yourself; in that area. Save yourself some $ too!

I haven't found length of hair to make a difference on whether the stool sticks or not. It is influenced more by the firmness of the stool. I have 3 in full coat and 2 in puppy cut.

You might want to invest in a $20 mustache trimmer available at WalMart (Wahl) and use it to trim the hair when it starts getting a little too long between grooming sessions. I too cut a "path" and whereas I don't trim the coat every bath, I DO trim the path to keep the retired showgirls neat and sanitary.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

Thanks a lot everybody for the info. My groomer does the "poop path" too, but the idea of mustache trimmers is a great one. I wonder if my husband would notice if I used his... : ) just kidding... Wendy P & Chilli
-Wendy P & Chilli

Yep, I keep it shorter back there too! Taffy dislikes it more than me, I always knows if she has "something" stuck to her, she tucks her tail and hides! I carefully use small sissors as she is afraid of electric clippers.
-Robin K.

I agree with Sylvia - sometimes a change or an addition to their regular food creates a "sticky" situation.

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