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by A.Stiffel

Ever since Ceasar turned a year old, he has had a tearing problem. Nothing I do, or over-the counter products that I use seem to work. Every week when he is bathed, I end up cutting the little stained hairs with scissors. Does anyone else out there have a solution that is not so dangerous and time consuming. Please let me know, I am somewhat desperate; so is Ceasar!


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

My six Maltese have been on the tetracycline treatment for two months and they look wonderful. We did the everyday dose for two weeks, and then every other day for the next two weeks. They have been off of the medication now for a month and not only have beautiful white faces (except for the hair already stained, but is growing off) but the one pup that blinked all the time from excessive tearing, has wonderful round eyes free of the junk that collected around his little eyes. I would highly recommend this approach. By the way, I had also tried everything on the market plus any and every thing anyone told me about...
-Judy Hubbs

There's lots of suggestions in the archives on this, and I guess I tried them all, with the exception of collodial silver (sp?). In desperation, I called two AMA breeders, who also show, and they were so wonderful to share their solutions. Both of them use Tylan, just a pinch inside a piece of cheese/turkey/etc, once daily for 30 days. It stopped the tearing on my 2-yr old... & most of the tearing in my pup who is teething. After 2 months, the tearing has not returned in the adult, but is starting again in the pup, which is to be expected while teething. Tylan is actually an antibiotic for poultry; marketed by Omaha Vaccine; about $35 for more than you'll ever need. This will not eliminate the currently stained facial hair, and there are several products we all have tried, but I just go with the hydrogen peroxide and cotton swabs. Good luck!

As both replies indicate, I have found that excessive tearing and staining indicate there might be a another problem. Infection from eyes, ears, anal glands, or clogged tear ducts that will respond to antiobiodics. When I see my dogs staining and I know that it is not from being in season, whelping, or teething, I take them to the vet to be checked. Might want to have a good going over to see if something is wrong.
-Marsha A.

I would like to just say again , like Judy Hubbs, my Maltese and Bichon were on the tetracyline "Panmycin" for about 2 months and it has been a year for one and almost two for the other, and the staining has not reappeared. There have been no side effects whatsoever, and I certainly had the advice of very good vets before starting this. I suggest to anyone with the staining problem to seek the advice of your vet about this treatment. I am completely satisfied and my dogs faces are always white and I have not since had to use any over the counter treatment since. The look so beautiful with out that staining and the cost is unbelieveably low.

Thank you all for answering my tearing questions. I took your advice and went to the Vet. I will be trying it out starting today. One thing that the Vet did advise me on was that it is never a permanent solution; and probably not a good idea to keep him on Tetracycline forever.Apparently it does not keep the dog from tearing, but it breaks down the protein so that it does not react with oxygen and turn brown. Therefore, it "masks" the tears so to speak.Even though it is temporary, I am still glad to try it out. Thanks again

I would like to ask Miss Judy Hubbs for the dosage of the Panycin she used for her dogs in terms of number of drops she used in the food and how many times per day.

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