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Ear Powder

by Terri

I have read that you need to clean out Maltese's ears when you bath them by applying ear powder and pulling out the hairs with tweasers. Where do you get the ear powder? Is it a specific type of powder? I have been cutting the hair with sissors but that does not seem to do the job as it is getting thick (but short)!, Also, does it hurt them? her hair is starting to look oily around the ears. I hope this isn't a problem developing. the inside of her ears still look fine though. I have had problems with a previous dog with ear mites that I could never get rid of, so I want to nip this in the bud.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Hi! I have been wanting to learn more about this, too, especially as my vet urged me to do a little more with their ears. I asked my groomer and she said that the product she uses (which is more a liquid) makes the hair "tacky" or sticky and easier to pull out Toby weathers this well, but Theo likes no pain, whatever the size! I think my vet suggested I look at ear cleanser, which is a liquid, too. Fosters and Smith catalogue handles these products, but I am a little in the dark too about which is best.I will be looking forward to hearing from the others. (The number for the catalogue can be accessed through Jay's main page.)

Hi:) Its me Again...LOL just want to say that ear powder is full of .... I as a groomer for 18 years have learned that to much powder in the ears does nothing but cause problems,it clogs the ear canel and can do more damage than not pulling the hair at all. If the hair is to oily to grip and pull out than use alittle cornstarch on your fingers to sop up the oil, it should help but if really badly hair infested than take some hemostates and grap the hair and twist it till it comes loose.It will hurt and the dog will cry,but be strong and do it as a favor for your baby.....Then pull it out, let you know that your dog ear's may itch afterwards becuse of this and to keep some otomax ear ointment on hand. it only needs a small drop and it goes a long way,to much and you will have an oily mess. ........Hope i helped..P.S. Im not a Vet only see it everyday......!!!!! Trisha from florida

My breeder told me the way to keep my sweet dolly's ears clean. use a little corn starch on your fingers & gently pull a few strands out at a time. it will just come out, no twisting or hemostats or anything needed. the corn starch keeps the hair from sliding through your fingers. it makes my heart sad to think of anyone "twisting & pulling" this hair when it will simply come right out with a gentle tug. dolly isn't happy about the process, but it doesn't seem to hurt her. i must admit that i only pull out a bit at a time since she fusses so much (do it at night when they're tired) but I've also read that a little hair helps keep foreign objects out of their ears & water out during baths. dolly always has "some" hair in her ears & doesn't have any problems with them at all.

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