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Cleaning 2 faces at once?

by Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

After reading all the advice here on tear staining, I thought I would try the MOM method on my boys. I am wondering though, as they are sure to try to lick it off each other's faces while it dries, are the peroxide or the MOM components likely to hurt them if they eat it? I don't want to wrap the treated hair up as I know that this would really drive them nuts. In one of the posts someone (Paula, I think) said that she used lemon juice and cornstarch, which sounds like it may be a bit safer but I don't know if this will be as effective. Has anyone tried using the MOM method (unwrapped)or the lemon juice method on more than one dog at a time? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated! My boys are just under 4 months old. Thanks in advance. - Deanna.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Hi Deanna - I am interested in when your puppies devoloped tear staining. We have two male puppies, from the same litter,also. Our little guys were born June 9, 1997 and I first noticed the problem about 3 weeks ago, and its fairly pronounced now. I was searching for causes and cures in these sites and am wondering how one does keep one from licking the others face. I tried top knots to keep the hair from thier eyes and they removed each others head gear in nothing flat. am interested to see if you find a solution. Have you had them to the vet? I was thinking of the possibility that their tear ducts are plugged due to teething?

My little Ceasar has a tearing problem as well...in fact, I got some really great answers from this site; look at the heading "Tearing." Although, I have one comment about the "lemon juice"it sounds like it would sting their eyes and make them tear even more. I usually wash my dog's eyes with a tearless shampoo (Johnson & johnson's children shampoo works fine) and then dry the eye area with a cotton towel. It works well to get most of the build-up out. I am definately going to follow the tetracycline method to get rid of the stains for good.

Hi Deanna, I am new to this group and also to this breed. I got Peanut at 4 1/2 months old and the tear stains were already there. I read a book on dog care and it addressed the problem with tear stains. It said that one reason could be because of the new teeth coming in. Another reason could be things bothering the eyes like dust, hair or allergies. Yet another reason could be an eye infection. Peanut had a slight infection in one eye which got treated with some ointment and was better in a few days. The staining was still going on until he got all his new teeth in. I have followed the great suggestions in this web and his hair around the eyes is growing out white. There are light stains that are still in the fur and I'm not sure if they will ever become totally white. He is 7 months old now. I just keep applying the poroxide/water mixture and hope for the best.

Eva: You said you had read a book that addressed the tear staining subject in puppies. What is the name of the book?

Hi Joan G. I will have to go to the library to find the name. I know that is was a book on malteses because I had just gotten my puppy and I wanted to find out if there is any difference in caring for his fur. I had a yorkie for 13 years and I groomed him myself.

Hi Tasa: Our puppies are actually from 2 different litters, born 6th and 13th of June (same breeder). They did not have tear stains when we got them (at 9 and 10 weeks) because they were being given antibiotic eyedrops - not tetracycline! - every day, but they developed the staining within a couple of weeks of us getting them. We decided to try other methods first because we are not in favour of keeping them on antibiotics unnecessarily, especially at such a young age. I have read other posts that make a connection between tear-staining and teething: our youngest has an underbite and his staining is worse - I have seen that connection mentioned here too so I think the staining probably is related to teething. They have been to the vet and are going again next week for their last shots. I might hold off on the face-cleaning until then to ask her if she thinks it would be harmful for them to lick the MOM mixture off each others faces. Deanna
-Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

Miracle Stuff!When we got our first Maltese at 3 months, her little face was orange with tear stains. Our vet told us that we would need to wait until she was at least six months old and he would give her Tetracyline to permanently clear up the stain. He said if we gave it to her before six months, it would stain her teeth. At six months, he gave her the tetracycline, although he called it by another name=phanamycin. We only gave it to her for a few days. Her stains cleared up permanently. Her face was snow white the rest of her life. It was a wonderful.I know some vets are not aware of this, because my friends have asked their vets about it. Hope this helps.

Deanna,I use the MOM on Jasmine and so far have not seen any problems with my other dogs. Her Mom is a great one for still trying to clean her up remove wraps and heaven forbid we come in with bows still in her hair cause they must go. My vet suggested trying a baking soda paste to remove stains and Miss T (Mom) thought it was like candy (Yuk) and had it cleaned off in no time which of course was defeating the purpose and keeping her face wet but doesn't seem to like the MOM and leaves it on.
-Carol A

Hi JoanG. The book I read is called "Maltese" by Kathy DiGiacomo and Barbara Bergquist. Do not waste your money on this book. It states that it has over 100 pages of maltese info when in reality it has only about 25 pages, the rest is just general info. We moved to Japan back in June and after getting my puppy here I wanted to know all about the breed. Unfortunately, the base has a book store that carries nothing about malteses so I went to the library and the only book they have is the book I mentioned above. When we got our computer I found this website and it has been a great source of information. The archives on page 6 talks about this book and other books that are alot better. Enjoy your puppy, mine is a riot!!!! He keeps me in stitches all day long.

Dear Eva: Thanks for the response. I think you are absolutely right. This site is better any books on Maltese I have been able to find. My husband and I are having a wonderful time with our Lucca. It is interesting to see how his personality is developing. I must say that I love reading the stories in this discussion forum about everyone else's dogs. This is truly an incredible breed.

Thanks Carol! The vet agrees with you (re them probably not finding the MOM to their taste) and says that it shouldn't harm them even if they do ingest it - she just said to be careful not to get anything with peroxide in it into their eyes, so I will be VERY careful! Deanna.
-Deanna (Moose & Squirrel)

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