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Hair in Eyes...OK?

by Ruth

Herald is now nine months old and I have never cut his hair. If I do not tie it up it hangs in his eyes like a sheepdogs. Does he have to have the hair out of his eyes or is it okay to let it hang down? He does not seem to be bothered either way, but I was wondering if it was healthy or not. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Ruth


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

This is only a personal opinion. My Maltese does not have trouble with eye stain, but I think the hair is an irritant to some. I keep his in topnots which I have done for his three years. He is good about having his done, and when I bathe him, sometimes I let it hang down to make sure it is dry. I think it bothers him, probably because he is used to having it on top. Just my thoughts.

With my Theo, if I don't keep his hair up, he is prone to eye%0ainfections, but my Toby tends to just look like he was never loved a day in his life! The hair in the corners of Theo's eyes are part of the problem too. Good luck! With a little bit of practice, the top knots are not hard to do at all.

I keep my Calcio hair up also. He also likes it up out of his eyes. I think he looks much better when I can see his eyes. He hates to be brushed, which I do even tho he gives me a hard time, but when I comb the hair out of his eyes and but it up he just lets me do it. I truly think it is becuase he hates the hair in his eyes. I think Sheep dogs look good with the hair in there eyes but not a Maltese. Hope this helped you.
-Joanne Maltese

Having the hair up or down is actually just a matter of personal preference. However my vet says that if you choose to have the hair down. Check the eyes daily just to make sure there is no infection.{long hair covering the eyes can hide eye problems} But then you should regularly check your pet over from head to toe anyway. If you keep his hair tied up, just make sure that the hair is completey dry after baths. Skin that stays wet for prolonged periods of time can become irritated.

My dog hated bows and clips so I used a little kid's scrunchy which she didn't mind at all.

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