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Grooming the Baby

by Lauren Brier-Mills.

Hi Everyone,I have a nearly 10 week old female Maltese. Every time I try to groom her, she thinks it is a game and tries to bite the brush. I never manage to completely brush her.I use a slicker brush. Also, Milly seems to be afraid of newspaper and won't piddle on it. I live in a house that doesn't have a yard, only big verandas, so I have to train her to inside on something. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would work well? Thankyou.Sorry, 1 more thing,I took Milly for a checkup at the vets the other day, and she was perfectly healthy. I asked the vet what I could use on the tearstaining and he told me there was nothing I could use at all.I have read about a few products but wondered what other people use and what works.I would really appreciate it.Lauren


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Lauren, try using wee-wee pads instead of newspaper and see if there's any difference. I never used them, but I think maybe because of the scent on them as well as the fact that they are quiet different from newspaper, you may get a different reaction. As for the grooming. I don't have a lot of advice though I know others here will have. What I do want to tell you is that if you plan on grooming your dog regularly yourself, you need to put and end to the play and become ALPHA on this. I thought it was sweet and adorable and funny when Lucy chased the brush at 15-16 wk; now that I have to hogtie her to groom her it doesn't seem so cute! (Actually we are trying to re-visit this issue with some behavior modification right now) I end up taking her to bath and brush twice a month and the groomers once every 6 wk or so just to make sure she doesn't get matted up and it certainly makes it difficult to grow a coat. So don't "play" with your little one. Let her know this is business and you are in charge. One thing that "sort of" works for us is if I put Lucy's collar/leash on before grooming her. I think she makes a connection between being restrained during grooming at the groomer and the leash, but don't know for sure. She does tend to settle down and let me brush her though.
-cathy brown

My puppy is now 15 weeks old. She tried to bite the brush and play at first, too. Two things that worked for me: I brush her when she is drowsy, and I give her a chew stick as we start. Good luck!
-Carol Friesen

I'm a new Maltese owner - just got a 12-week old male I've named "Willy" so I'm sure I will have more questions thatn answers, but the pet store recommended something called "Diamond Eye" for tear staining. It's a clear liquid that you can apply with a cotton ball or swab. Too early to tell whether it actually works.
-Michael Beecher

Michael, when I got Lucy they too recommeded the Diamond Eyes. I didn't think it worked very well. So don't be disappointed.
-cathy brown

In regards to your grooming question, where are you working with your baby? I have found that the best place for me is up on a table, I now have a grooming table but have used the counter in kitchen or table. Even with my older kids that is the only place I can handle them. I can't remember if I read it or if someone told me but I'd be carfull using a slicker brush if you intend to keep your pup in full coat, a slicker seems to split and break the hair on our little angels (most of the time they are).
-Carol A

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