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bicycle riding w/ puppy?

by Jessica

Hi- I am wondering if anyone has tried to ride their bicycle, and bring their puppy along with them? I am thinking of getting on of those pet pouch things, which holds them in front like a baby, but I wondering if it is safe. I think the pet pouch is a better idea than a basket, which she could possibly fall out of. I used to ride my bike to work everyday and I haven't since Emma has come into my life, and I'd like to be able to ride to work with her (she comes to work with me everyday!).


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

I got my Mika a pet pouch. She loves it. I take her bike riding all of the time. She loves the wind in her face. Good Luck! Jackie and Mika
-Jackie F.

Jessica: I have 2 Maltese, I used to ride with the first one in the basket and once she did jump out. No damage done Thank Goodness. After I got Shayna I stopped riding my bike until Mother's Day weekend I asked for a baby carrier that you pull behind your bike. I call it the Pet Taxi and there is a picture of us on the album under KoKo and Shayna Johnson. They love it so much, all I have to do is ask, "does anyone want to go for a bike ride" they run to the door wait for me and they run to the bike without a leash and jump in. There is a screen cover on the front so they can not get out unless I unzip it. Hubby found it at K-mart for $129.00. The ones at the bike shops are $350 +. Hope you have lots of fun miles on you bike.

I use the pet pouch for Buster all the time. He loves to go for a ride! At first my husband refused to ride close to me, but then after he saw all the people say how cute it was, we now ride side-by side again. Buster used to not like it when we wern't first in line, but now he just has fun. You have to brush them out as soon as you get home, as they tend to get matted fur around the rump area. Have fun! -Patti

I just wanted to relate an experience I had a week ago so everyone will be cautious riding their bike with their dog. I was riding with my 2 year old Maltese in my basket as I have done since she was a puppy. Luckily my husband was with me and we had dog "No" spray with us. As we passed a neighbors house that we have passed many times before he just happened not to see us and opened his gate to take his car out. His 3 dogs, 2 Australian Shepherds and a Labrador came running out and surrounded my bike snarling and barking at my dog (of course she thinks she is a German Shepherd and was barking back). I covered her with my body while my husband tried to spray them and the man tried to stop them, but they were in quite a frenzy. One of the Australian Shepherds got frustrated because he couldn't get Mindy and bit me in my upper thigh. Luckily, I had denim shorts on ,but still ended up at the emergency room for treatment. His dog was quaranteened for 10 days and they have all their shots. Anyway,

Gina: How terrible, hope you are all recoved from that incident. I live in FL and we have some wild animal in our subdivision. Once I was riding my bike and the girls were in their "Pet Taxi" behind the bike and a Bob Cat carrying a baby in her mouth stopped to wait for us to pass by before she crossed the street. Talk about adrenalin pumping. KoKo and Shayna are protected by a zipped screen in the carrier, but anything that wanted to get at them could tear it open. The same could happened just walking them too. There has been many times I have picked them both up when I see a big dog. I don't have the answer. FL is in the process of passing stronger laws, but that doesn't bring back your dog if it is attacted and killed. Thanks for your input.

One thing that might be considered is if you fall off of your bike. I had never taken "Wittle" out for a bike ride and this one particular day I said to my husband, "maybe we should take Wittle". His reply was "what is he should jump out of the basket?" I still considered taking him and even considered the puppy pouch. I reconsidered and didn't take him and how fortunate I was, I fell off my bike. This is the first time I have fallen off my bike since I was a kid and boy did I hit hard. I hit so hard that after I fell on the front I flopped over to my back. I wasn't going fast, just hit a rut in the road. Wittle would definitely have been injured but probably worse as my entire weight would have pinned him between me and the ground had it been a puppy pouch. He doesn't go on bike rides with us but we did get an adorable little girl, Abbi, to keep him company when we are gone.
-Nancy Dienes

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