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Crates-what kind?

by Sandy

I don't have my maltese baby yet, but when I do, I'll use the crate during the day (she'll be along 6 - 8 hours during the weekdays). My question is...what is the best type of crate? I located a website with all sorts of different crates. There are the vinyl ones with chrome doors and the wire crates. The wire one seems like it would be more pleasant for the puppy because it would let in more light and be airier. At the same time, the puppy wouldn't be locked in the crate, she'll be able to come out and move around (she'll be in our bathroom) and the vinyl might seem more like a "cave.". Does anybody have any recommendations? Thank you!


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

We've had our puppy Casper (11 weeks old) for a week now. I purchased a wire crate and have been very pleased with it. It's the small size-up to 21lbs. I moved the back section to the center to make it half size and added a water bottle. Casper is alone on weekdays. I've been able to come home at lunch and after the first day he had the routine down. Even this weekend he went in it on his own, keeping the same schedule. And best of all he's never messed in it. You mentioned you were going to keep the door open so your pup could stretch his legs. When I had my Yorkie pup 16 years ago I thought that was necessary also...however, she never did get house trained. This time I've followed all the advice on crate training and can't believe how successful its been - or maybe it's just because Casper really is an angle!

I've used both. My dogs actually prefer the vinal grates. Yes it is cavelike. Surprise, Most dogs I know usually pick a dark cubbyhole to curle up in when they want to be left alone. I respect their space. When my dogs feel overwhelmed or don't feel good the seek out their vinal crates on there own. By starting them out as pups with the vinal crates, They now think of the crates as their personal space. I leave their crates out all the time with the door open so that my dogs can get in them whenever they want. As pups they fought the crates at first, until they realized that the crate was not a bad place. Put things in the crate that the pup associates as good, ex: toys, treats. Try not to use the crate for punishment, expecially at first. They can have time out in a crate when they've misbehaved without being made to feel like it is a bad place.If you do decide to use a metel crate, Then make sure you put something on the floor of the crate to protect their feet from the metel wires. Imagine how you would feel if all you had to stand, sit or lay on for 6-98 hours was a wire floor.Personally, I if your bathroom has no carpet. I would just put up a gate across the door ( Pet gates or Baby gates can be gotten at any pet store or infant department. They don't cost much, and can be easily stored.) But I would still get a vinal crate no matter what else I got. A dog needs a place of his own.

Thanks for the help! I think I will go with the vinyl crate, along with the gate (to keep her confined in the bathroom). I will also be using the Puppy John for paper training. Thanks again!

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