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Bring home Puppy?

by Gaye

I have owned 2 Lhasa Apsos for almost 14 years. A couple of years ago I lost my first dog(Tina) when she died from heart failure. My second dog(Ginger) took this very hard. Up untill that day she had never spent a minute of her life alone. She's seems to be over it now, however I'm not. When I go to a dog shows I break down in tears. I miss my baby desperately. The Ginger is really my husbands baby and does not have a lot to do with me. I want so much to bring home a Maltese to help fill that empty space in my heart. However, Ginger can't seem to handle it. She can't stand change. Anything new makes her very nervouse and makes her sick. We've tried introducing her to the idea gradually by barrowing my sister's pup during the day. Ginger is a nervous wreck even when the pup is no where around her. We've tried bringing home other animals, the kind that don't create a comotion and are quiet. No matter how much time we give her she does not get any better. I've tried Being as close to her as I was Tina, but she is very much a one person dog. I desperatley need the companion of a dog, but I don't know what else I can do. Ginger is now getting on in years, Blind, very much set in her ways, Not only does she not like change, but it makes her nervous to the point of being ill. She is an absolutely loveable dog, But she only wants daddy anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions. Ginger is the only thing keeping me from getting a maltese. She would never hurt a puppy,She is a kind and loving dog who has never shown a sign of aggression. But I'm concerned that she could not handle the stress. How can I get her to except another member of the family?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Hello! I can really understand your frustration. I had a Lab Husky mix that was the 'Queen' of our house. She wanted no other dog in it. I also have two parrots that don't like alot of activity. My African Grey is especially nervous. I had wanted to get a Maltese for a number of years but ended up putting it off until our 'Queen' had to be put to sleep after 16 years of a wonderful relationship. Our situation was a little different than yours in that the 'Queen' loved both my husband and myself. However the birds were still part of our consideration. Maltese are VERY active. At least ours is and most people I talk to that have Maltese say the same. What we did to acclimate the our birds when we got our new Maltese puppy was to make sure they ALL had THEIR space and NO intruders were allowed. 'Ellii' was not allowed in that part of the room. We simply fenced it off. No exceptions. Once the birds felt that they didn't HAVE to come in contact with her, they actually got kind of interested in her. Now they actually play with each other. Possibly you could corner off an area to keep the new pup, letting the older dog still feel like SHE was in control. Then little by little expand the area?? I don't know. Just my thoughts. Hope you find something that will work for you. Maltese are WONDERFUL!!!!!

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