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Should I change food?

by Michael Beecher

My pup Willy doesn't like the food I'm giving him, Nutro Lamb and Rice for Puppies. He'll only eat it if I mix in some wet food, but otherwise he doesn't like it (even when I pour in some water). The guy at the pet store said I shouldn't change foods -- "you train him..don't let him train you" -- and said if I start changing foods now I'll be changing for the rest of Willy's life, whenever he decides he's bored with a certain food. On the other hand, I don't want the little guy to be under-nourished. I am giving him a vitamin supplement...Enervite, I think. What should I do?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

I do believe that your dog should eat dry food, (with water on it until it is about 14 weeks old, but I do try different foods to find out which one they like best. I went to PetSmart and let them try the samples. They selected Iams Lamb and Rice Puppy food. I try to meet them half way. I want them to eat right, but there are many "right" dog foods.
-Marsha A.

Nutros Lamb and Rice is an excellent food to feed your puppy. I wouldn't be concerned that he isn't eating enough and I wouldn't mix it with canned food. If he is a healthy puppy he'll eat when he is hungry. I let my maltese free-feed which means I leave food out for them at all times. I don't have any maltese that are too fat or too thin. This works best for me. I used to feed Iams Lamb and Rice and feel that Nutros is a superior food. It's all natural ingredients.
-Carolyn Dahl

I was concerned once when Pixie was not eating what I thought she should. I spoiled her with all kind of different ways. Then I stuck to dry food and was patient. She ate when she was hungry. I did supplement with NutriCal during that time. I also did not give any treats unless I noticed that she ate her food. I asked the vet about that-no treats unless she ate her food. I have her on a dry food that I get at the vet, but the ones you are giving are good foods. I put the food in a feeder now too. She is a grazer.

When I first got my Hercules the breeder gave me Purina Puppy Chow ,but wanting the best for my baby, I switched to Iams. My vet recommended Science Diet Small bites . I ask him if there was that much difference and he said "Is there a difference between a Chevrolet and a Cadilac? That sold me so I switched to Science Diet . Both my dogs do great with it. It comes in a couple different flavors. I switch back and forth for variety (this is only for my psyci, dogs do not want variety). If you do switch their food, do it gradually, mix a small portion with their present food and gradually increase it over a couple days to prevent the diarhea. If you leave the food out all the time you will never house train your puppy. Put his food down for 20 minutes, three times a day, at the same time everyday, he will eat when hungry. He should have to go potty 15-20 minutes after eating so take him out and when he goes praise him and give him a treat. You'll have no problems with your puppy training. Never feed him scraps from the table unless you want him to beg everytime you have dinner. Remember he only knows what you teach him, don't teach him bad habits. And never give him chocolate, it like poision to dogs.
-Carol Abey

My puppy did not eat well when she first came home. She was eating Eukanuba puppy food. I did mix canned food with it at first (about 1/2 tsp), but stopped doing that because I don't want to get this habit started. I now put her food down 3 times per day and she really eats it!!! I had to learn patience and not to worry so much...

I have been using Eukanuba also. I have been looking into natural foods and just learned about a company called Inorva that also produces all natural dog food. I would be interested in where you find the Nutros dog food that you mentioned.
-Kathy Rhoades

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