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Druging Showdogs


Yes this past week I was at a show and the person who took the breed in Maltese stayed to show her special in the group ring. Her dog was so druged that the dog could not keep its eyes open, when on the table for examination the head started to go down and she quickly held it up then the rear end also started to give out. I think this is a terrible that the judge did nothing about it as it was very noticable, I was not the only one outside the ring that was aware of what was going on. this kind of showmanship cannot be allowed to continue as I also show maltese and do not want to be competing with someone with these ethics.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Ruth, this is so sad. I cannot believe someone would drug a dog like this. Poor little thing. Personally, I like to see a little prancing and spirit in the ring.
-Marsha A.

Ruth,I can not imagine why you would drug your dog for show. How can they show to their best if they are not awake and alert. Can't imagine!!
-Carol A

It would be most stupid and thoughtless to drug a Maltese for the show ring as most of them aren't uncontrollable. Sometimes dogs will exhibit this behavior that you are describing when they are tired or bored. A Maltese that is shown in the morning often spends all day atop a crate so that the handler doesn't have to redo topknots, etc. It is very tiring for the Maltese and because they are so tiny with lower energy reserves this could cause them to behave in this manner. Did this Maltese place in the group? It shouldn't have. :)
-Beverly Passe

I am replying to Bev Passe comment on the druging of a Maltese at a show. I know this dog was not kept in a crate so it was not tired. This lady has done this before and was confronted about it and now she is doing it again. If you any comments about if there is anything I could do I would appreciate it. NO it did not place in group.

Dear Ruth, First, I meant to say that if the Maltese had been ON TOP of a crate all day, not IN A CRATE, it could be tired. Often the Maltese is up at 5 am for a bath, followed by a long drive to the dog show, grooming, showing on the breed level, then sitting on top a crate or grooming tables for groups to start perhaps 5 pm. This is a looong day for a 5 lb. Maltese. Sometimes, if they have been campaigned for a long time, especially if the distances are great there is jet lag or "travel wear & tear." The job of a skillful handler is to exercise the Maltese and make the show fun! If the Maltese can rest between breed and group competition in an ex-pen or catch a nap in its crate it can be beneficial. Drugging a dog in AKC competition is a serious charge--so be sure you are correct. Drugging a Maltese because of their small size would be tricky. When I special a Maltese I carry Nutri-cal and give it between Breed judging and Group judging to keep the Maltese's metablism in balance. Now, if you still feel this is a case of drugging, order a copy of "Rules Applying to Dog Shows" by sending $1.00 to The American Kennel Club, 5580 Centerview Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606. Read Chapter 15 (Protests Against Dogs) and read it carefully! Locate your AKC Rep at the show and ask him/her to observe the dog's behavior and ask for help in filing a formal complaint. The dog could also have a form of narcolypsy (a nervous system disorder). An animal with narcolypsy will "nod off" when it stands still like you describe. At any rate, a dog exhibiting drugged behavior for any reason should not be winning:) Good luck!
-Beverly Passe

Bev, if you would like to chat with personally my e-mail address is: DO-DROP-IN@WEBTV.NET. I believe you still own my bitches mother and grandmother, Ericka and Minnie.

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