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accidents (???) in house

by susan

Hi everyone from Paris,France, Help! As an American living in France and not speaking very good French I am at a loss with my new maltese. I've had him a month and was beginning to think he was both paper trained in the kitchen where he sleeps, and also willing to wait to go outside. Yesterday he went to his favorite play place which happens to be a suitcase full of my summer clothes lying on the floor. Normally he lies on it and rests. Yesterday, he decided not only to lie on it but also to defecate and urinate there. I immediately sprayed the area with a repellant but today he re-entered the room (my fault--I forgot to close the door) and urinated on the suitcase again. What's going on? I spend almost all day with him as I am working out of my house and wonder if I'm not making a mistake being with him so much. He is 4 months today and up until now a perfect puppy. Help please. Thanks and au revoir from Paris.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Susan, we maybe having the same problem. Shayna has tried the accidents, but on a throw rug in the bathroom. She understands that she can't do that anymore, so now she is digging holes in the walls. I am retired and am home a lot, but I play golf 3 to 4 times a week. When I am home she always wants me to play go fetch or tug of war. She jumps up on the bed or my chair when ever I sit down. I thought it was great that she is such a lap dog as KoKo isn't like that too often. But, now I'm begining to think she is unsecure. Why? You got me. She starts obedience school in 2 weeks, but I doubt that they will have an answer. I placed a posted tonight asking for help. It describes the problem in more detail. You can close the suitcase, I can't think of anything but to crate her.. Good luck. Shelley

Hi Susan and Shelley - My husband and I work all day. We have 2 dogs and they have a doggie door. Kiwi is our Maltese. She found my husband in 1991, so we think she is about 7 years old. She is completely housebroken, but when she is angry at us for leaving her she will urinate on the carpet in the hallway. We've tried getting "angry" and ignoring it. Nothing seems to work. If you guys figure out something, I'd love to know. Kiwi is adorable, lovable and very strong-willed.

I also have a similar problem. My 2 year old Maltese, Mindy, will defecate in my living room occasionally when I'm gone. It got worse after our return from our Montana trip when she stayed home alone with my 17 year old son, who didn't give her much attention. Now I'm trying to get her back on the right path. The dog trainer says I have to contain her again in a small area like when she was a puppy. She is litter box trained. She never has urine accidents, only the other. I tried something the other day that seems to work but it's too soon to tell. I placed a portable radio on the floor in the room where she has her accidents and turned it on quite loud. It seems to have confused her and she didn't go in there. She went in her litter box. I'll let you know if it continues to work. If not I will but her back in 1/2 of the laundry room with her crate and litter box for 7 days like the trainer told me. He said to try her again after 7 days and if she has another accident put her back in the room another 7 days when I go away until she stops. We'll see. Gina

I never heard of anyone having much luck with a litter box. There for cats. Thats most likely your problem.

I have had a difficult time myself, raising and training Ceasar. Since very little he has been paper trained. He also goes for a walk three times a day, at 8:00, 5:00 and 10:00. The times in between and on rainy days, he will go on the newspaper. He does, however have to be confined to our bedroom during the day when we are not home. We use a small gate that we place at the doorway even at night so that he does not have the run of the house. I feel that he now feels more secure being confined to "his room" during the day; he will run to the bedroom whenever he knows we will leave.You may have to do the same - especially if they are already trained...this way, it is more like "crate training", except that it is in one confined room. Goodluck!

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