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Training and discipline

by Victor

Where would I find Maltese specific ideas or information about training , obedience, and teaching tricks?My puppy is 7 months old thanks, from New Zealand!


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

"The Complete Maltese" by Nicholas Cutillo gives general information about showing and training. If you need to order it from a bookstore the ISBN number is 1-87605-209-X. Good luck in your training. I hope this helps.
-Mary Anna

I use the method clicker-training my dogs, especially puppies that I plan on showing. It is a behavioral approach to training, that positively reinforces the dog for desired behavior. There are two books that are good to help you learn how to do this. "Don't Shoot the Dog" by Karen Pryor and Karen Pryor's Clicker-Training Start-Up Kit called a "Dog and a Dolphin 2.0". It uses food to reinforce, and some good baits are boiled chicken cut into tiny pieces less than half the size of your pinkie fingernail. Also cut a hotdog into four long pieces, then cut each piece into fifty tiny pieces. Boil this for 10 minutes to get the salt and chemicals out. The pieces are rubbery, but great for bait. Be careful not to overload on baits. Tiny pieces is the key. I use this training for my showdogs, but it can be used for obedience, potty training, etc.
-Carolyn Dahl

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