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Hair on head/ears

We have a new Maltese puppy named Gidget. She's been with us just 3 weeks. I would like to let her hair grow and have been working on grooming with her, although it has not been pleasant for either of us. She is so frisky, she will not allow me to handle her ears or facial area. have 2 questions:
  1. The hair on her head is not quite long enough to put up but so long it hangs in her eyes. Any suggestions?
  2. She has had one ear infection and her ears have lots of hair in them. Our vet suggested plucking it out although, I have tried and it is virtually impossible without hurting her, not from the plucking but because she is so uncooperative that I'm afraid I will poke her with the tweezers. I have also tried the ear cleaners (drops) which I got from our vet. But not much success. Any suggestions?

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