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Wee Wee Pads so much $$

by Carla

I would like to know of any creative ideas that any of you may have concerning wee wee pads. Bailey is home and gated in the kitchen during the day while I work for about 6 hours. I use a wee wee pad and he does just fine. When I am home he goes outside. He is 11 months old. I would eventually like him to have free run of the house and not have to use the pads. However, right now they are costing me a fortune!! They are $7.49 for a pack of 8. This is becoming very expensive. I saw a cloth wee wee pad at PetsMart that can be washed. It cost $19.99 for one pad. I was wondering if any of you have tried it or if you have any other suggestions!! Thanks...Carla


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Go to Walmart and buy bed pads for sick beds. They are more reasonable aprox. $5.50-$6.50 for 18 large pads. I have never used the washable ones.
-Cheryl Shoemaker / Babydoll Maltese

Carla, I also use WeeWee Pads for my girl Bailey. If you can get to a K-Mart I have found they have the best prices for them. About $6 or $7 for a pack of 32. Sounds like a much better deal!

Try J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies 800-526-0388 they sell a 30-pack of wee wee pads for $9.85 ($0.33 a pad) there is no sales tax because its shipped from New Jersey and the shipping is pretty reasonable and only takes 2 days to get to you. Hope this helps!

I use pads all the time (living in AK where the weather is NOT dependable). Go to Costco pharmacy and purchase underpads--the ones for incontinent people. They are extra large (intended for use in beds) and cost here $28 for 100. In Phoenix where I winter they cost $22 per 100. Only drawback is that they have no scent.I have used the washable pads also (before I discovered underpads at Costco) and they are okay--especially for my Molly who insists even after 15 months that she shread weewee pads when left alone. When I leave her in a pen, I do use the washable ones so I don't have to spend hours cleaning the mess off the floor and out of her show coat (:)
-Linda (Snow Angel Maltese)

I use the bed sick "Depend underpads" also. There about $25 for a pack of 100 at Costco. And they're bigger that the wee-wee pads.
-sally warner

You can also purchase them at a hospital supply. I use them all of the time even outside. You can get them from the supply by bulk very reasonable. They are the incontinence pads for beds. Works great and I never have to worry about where my dogs will or will not go.

My maltese, Tiffany, also is home in my kitchen while I'm at work for 12 hours. She uses wee wee pads too. Now she's 1 year 9 months I leave the pad out for her but she has been holding it in all day - most days! The BEST and least expensive pads (we've tried a few brands) are OUT! Housebreaking Wee Wee pads and I get them at K-Mart for $6.99 a pack of 32. Also, on the back of each pack there is a 50 cent coupon!
-Laurie Berman

Maybe someone can answer me about this? I don't use the wee wee pads but except in cases where someone sends them with their Maltese. I have always wondered if all that extra plastic (from an environmental point of view) is really necessary. Would it work if you cut pieces of white newsprint and left on top of the wee wee pad and removed the white paper layer by layer? This is assumed that the Maltese is previously trained to the wee wee pad. Then the need to replace the pads would be greatly reduced, thus less waste, since like disposable baby diapers these are not bio-degradable.
-Beverly Passe

Thank You for posting!!! I,too, was concerned about the waste of having to use a disposable wee wee pad each day!! I bought a washable pad a Petsmart for $19.99. It is almost twice the size of a plastic/paper one!! I bought 2 and am going to cut them in half and sew it up!! They work wonderful. The name of the pad is Pooch Pad. I have been using them for about 1 1/2 weeks and they seem to be just as good. I don't mind washing them. The package gives directions on how to keep them sanitary and absorbant. Just thought I would let you all know in case you wanted to try them!! :) Carla

HDIS has a case of 300 17x24 for $46.54. I dont know if it is a bargin but I like to share that with you. The number is 1 (800)538-1036

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