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Who knows about bows?

by Holly

My Maltese baby Chloe' is 5 months old. I've been pulling her hair up out of her eyes with a tiny rubber band now for a couple of months. It's so cute and she likes it, too. A little looker like her needs some adornment. I've tried a tiny ribbon, but it comes untied. I've tried baby barretts, but they slip off when she plays. What I want to know is where do you get the bows that Maltese (and Yorkies too for that matter) wear in all the photo books. I guess they are what show dogs wear. You know--the bows that look like they are already tied. They look so neat and tidy. I've looked at my local groomers, but no luck. So, can somebody tell me? Who out there knows about bows?


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Holly, I make my own. Hope I can explain it. Wrap a ribbon like a bow but do not tie it. I general just loop it once on each side. Hold the middle of the "Bow" and take the rubber band and squeeze it flat like an oval and pull it around the middle and loop the end throught and pull it tight. It is not easy as the bands are so tiny. Remember it is not a knot just a pull through. Hope you understand these instructions. Enjoy your Chloe, Love from KoKo and Shayna

Holly, congradulations on your new puppy. I have two maltese, both females and put bow, and baby barrettes in their hair every day. I purhase the bows through a catalog that offers pet supplies of every kind. Most breeders do this so you can buy in quantity and it's must less expensive. I buy the baby barrettes in the local drug stores or accessory stores at the mall. They seem to hold the hair better because of the small "teeth" on them and then I just wrap the elastic from the fancy little bows over the barrette and they stay on most of the day. Good luck!

If you check the archives there are a few posts on bows--making them, ordering them ,etc. Try searching on bows and or topknots to see if you can find some additional help.
-cathy brown

Holly, I sell the really nice bows that we use on Maltese and Yorkies at the shows. They don't sell the nice ones in any catalouge, those are used by pet groomers. I have the ones for double top knots or single ones. Some have a tiny flower in center made with faux pearls, some have a cubic zerconia set in gold vermil, some have Aus. crystals, etc. the doubles are all on latex bands, (so they don't break the hair). The singles are on a band or barrett. With the ones on a barrett, I have found that if you put in your 'pony tail', then put in another band, leaving a small space for the barrett between the two bands, the barrett can"t be shook out. After you have the barret in place, simply pull the ends of the pony tail apart, to make the second band slide down, where it is not visable.
-Carole - Fantasyland Maltese

Holly, when I used to make bows I would loop the satin ribbon around either a small salad fork or two large drinking straws. Then I'd run my thread through the center to sew it together and pull the threat tightly gathering the material into a bow shape. Next I would sew a piece of pipe cleaner on because unlike the rubber bands (which rot) the pipecleaner can be used over and over. By the time I'd sewed a few sets my eyes would be watering from strain and my fingers bleeding so I started teaching all my friends to make bows. They in turn, would usually give me a few here and there for gifts, etc., or I can buy what I need which are much better quality than you can buy from the catalogs or vendors at a fraction of the price. To make these precious bows last longer (and keep me from getting blood poisoning from trying to sew with arthritic fingers) I used to coat them with clear nail polish. There are better products now at the craft stores which can almost turn them into plastic. I really HATE to make bows! My close friends know it so mostly I'm spared that unpleasant task. Since Linda (Snow Angel Maltese) has retired from teacher she has been making bows and stitching up some wonderful doggie items. Her bows last almost forever if you don't step on them or if the dog doesn't chew on them. Some fanciers go to the craft stores and buy silk flowers which look lovely tied into the top knot. I prefer the darker colors like purple, blue, red, hot pink because they give a nice contrast. If you want to E-Mail me I may be able to give you more detailed instructions if you decide to try to sew your own.-Beverly B. Passe

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