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Tooth Loss

by Lisa

Does any other Maltese owner have dental problems with their pet? I brush Molly's teeth often, use an oral spray, and give her chewies but she is still has tarter build-up...Any suggestions?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Dear Lisa, be vigilent in brushing and everything else you are doing. My dog-woman,Bubbles,whom we adopted 7 months ago recieved absolutely no dental care of any kind prior to us getting her and she has started losing her teeth.Not only that but she has the most horrendous breath of any animal you have ever encountered.I have taken her to multiple vets to get the scoop on having her put to sleep and a through cleaning done but none of them recommend doing it for several reasons 1. her age-9,. 2. She has recently undergone 2 bouts of surgery for canine mammary cancer (SPAY those dogs ,folks!) 3. The decay is so advanced that it may cause an extreme widespread infection throughout her system and make her more sick than do her good. Stinky as she is she could NOT possibly be loved more. So prevention is the best thing you can do and start them young-our 3 year old lab thinks its play time when the brush comes out-yummy! Liver toothpaste!

My maltese Jamie 4 1/2 years old had an infection on his face which resulted in getting one of his teeth pulled. At the same time I had his teeth cleaned and when we picked him up from the vet, his eye was stitched up, 1/2 of his face was removed, and he was in rough shape. We found out that he had an infection in back of his eye as a result from the tooth. He is doing much better now....it has been one week.I call him One Eye (-: and the stitches are coming out Wednesday. Jamie is on medication and recovering well. I do need to watch the build up on his teeth and pay more attention to his dental care.

Jamie is fine. Stitches came out of his eye...now he has two eyes. I am going to start taking better care of his teeth. My vet recommended Nolvadent oral cleansing solution that we got from him....Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use this and how often. I have to admit I haven't taken care of Jamie's teeth since now...but I plan on doing so from this point on.

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