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Chaotic Combing

by Ruben

My puppy cannot stay still when brushing her. We have tried to brush her when she wakes up, hoping she is still in a daze and calm. We also comb her on the bed and she just wants to bite the brush and play. HELP! Where does one brush a baby?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

I have two Maltese, male and female. I have always had a problem grooming them. They just don't like it. My female isn't too bad but my male growls when his hair is pulled in any way. He isn't being mean, but he has really tender skin and wants me to know it. A groomer told me that their blood vessels are close to the skin and I guess that would make their skin more tender. As they get older it seems their coat is a little harder to take care of. The longer it is, the harder to keep groomed. It is a daily thing unless you want tangles galore. Having two Maltese make the grooming a little harder because they play etc. and that messes up the nice groom job and causes a little more tangles. I finally gave up and had them groomed in the "puppy cut". It is really cute and so easy to take care of. They are a lot happier this way. If you don't have lots of time on hand, the puppy cut would be a good idea as they get older. I usually put my babies on a towel on top of my washer for grooming. It makes it a lot easier to control them. You might check on a stand and the little belts they use to hold them up with also. Like the groomers use. If I let their hair grow out again I will probably try something like that to make the job a lot easier. They are the best little pets. We just love our "Princess & Ditto". Good luck.

I think all puppies are little stinkers when first being introduced to grooming. Lily was. I groom her on my kitchen table or a counter. The height of the table frightens her enough to hold still. She's an angel about grooming now, but she wasn't always. I think teaching them to be groomed is the same as teaching them obedience. When Lily started to get squirmy I grabbed her chin, looked her in the eye and told her "NO!" Persistance is the key. Keep doing it. Don't give up and don't give in. That's what they're counting on. They soon get the message that they're not going to win this battle are surrender. Also make sure that you're being gentle. That's another big reason why they squirm. It can hurt if you're not careful. Good Luck, it will take time and patience.

I would very much like to own a dog but I suffer from mild allergies that consist of watery itchy eyes, itchy throat, and the sniffles when I get around pets. I hear the maltese the most hypoallergenic pet. Is there hope for me to own a dog?
-Peggy Sue Warmins

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