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by Susan Fox

I was wondering how many people have had their dogs microchiped. Are there ever any problems that arise from having this done?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

I personally DO NOT think this is a humane option. Especially in a tiny breed like the Maltese, the chip can only hurt being installed -- present a foreign presence at best and cause infection at worst. Also -- these chips seem most geared toward larger, free-roaming dogs. I keep my little guy on a leash whenever we're out, and our yard is penned in -- so the benefits are moot. Think of it -- would you "micro-chip" your child??!
-Pamela Shaw

I too was worried about the microchip. But our vet showed us the chip and explained how it was planted. He did recommend that because Skippy is so small that it be done when we had him neutered so he wasn't awake at the time. Skippy has had the chip in for over a year and as yet we have had no problems.We also have a fenced yard and only take Skippy out on a leash , but if he ever get loose or lost his tags this is a little extra protection.

I also, was very leary of introducing a permanent foreign body into my two animals. I read up on the technology, talked to several people who had had it done and a couple of Vets. After looking at the positives (almost all animal shelters and Vets nation wide now have scanners and collars DO come off) versus the negatives( it hurts for a minute, like an injection) I went with it. My Dogs(7.5 lbs and 110lbs.)are NEVER off the leash,but accidents do happen..And yes, I have two teenage sons and if this technology was approved for humans I WOULD have them "chipped" and a "tracking device" installed at the same time!

I too had reservations about the chips. I looked into tatoos and was not in favor of them either. Now that I have my newest rescue here, I really wish that I had some way to trace her back to her previous owner, as I know there is someone looking for her. I have sent for more information on mark tracing, as I now understand more than ever the need to be able to identify my babies in the future. I would appreciate any information any of you have in this area via private email.
-Marsha A.

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