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Pen For Inside

by Marie

Help!!! I am looking for some kind of enclosure for my puppy so that I can give her run of the kitchen without having to worry about her eating the cabinets or furniture. There used to be a round sort of expanding gate kind of thing that would open up to about 10 feet in diameter. They stopped making them because of kids getting their fingers caught. Any ideas. Thank you


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

They have a 6 sided pen that you can get at baby stores (i.e. kid or baby superstore). I had one for my pup. each panel is about 3 feet long. You can take the panels out depending on how big you want it. Plus you can shape it any way you like. It also opens on one side. But you can tie it so the dog can't get out when you don't want it to. I think they call it a play yard. It's kind of bulky, but it works. Plus it is the only playyard I could find. You can also take it when you travel.

We went to the garden store (like at Target or Walmart) and bought a 3 foot high chain mesh fence. It folded up into neat rectanglar squares and was easy to store behind a bookcase (or anywhere out of the way) very easily. When we used it, we just propped it up with a couple of boxes to hold it up against our kitchen entry way. It worked great.
-Chuck Norman

Dear Marie: The solution here is two-fold: 1. You need to get your Maltese a crate. Place the crate where the dog can see the family whenever the dog is confined. Start by leaving the dog in the crate for short periods of time (perhaps one hour) and gradually increasing the time inside (with the door closed). Whenever you physically place the dog inside, say, "Get in your bed", so that the dog makes the association between the words and the action. Furnish the crate with a towel or blanket and a favorite toy. In time, the dog can be permitted run of the house, and the crate door can be left open. At this point, the dog will view the crate as a "den" or safe haven and will actually voluntarily go into it during the daytime whenever the door is left open. 2. You need to provide chew toys for your puppy. The best of these is called a "hoof". Most dogs seem to prefer the smoked ones (they smell like ham)and will chew on these with great relish - perhaps even instead of your treasured possessions! Keep several of these around the house, as most dogs will play with them and "misplace" them on occasion. If the puppy attempts to chew on something unacceptable, growl at him/her and offer the hoof instead. Have fun! Jacquelene :))

Marie, I saw several indoor/outdoor pens in the Drs. Foster/Smith catalog. They aren't cheap--around $60. Their 800 # if you don't have a catalog is 1-800-776-8872. Also, a baby playpen (the kind that has fabric in the bottom, not plastic, which they can chew through) will work--they, too, are not inexpensive, but maybe you could find one at a yard sale or in the local classifieds. Marsha Ardoin has frequently written posts about a fence-type barrier she uses for her babies indoors. Maybe you can find something in the archives or e-mail her and ask what she uses.
-cathy brown

I just bought the "play yard" from Toys R Us. It was $59 withtax. I think it will work out great. It did seem expensive, but I didn't like using the crate during the day and this can go anywhere--even camping. I think it will be worth it in the long run.

Petsmart sells a portable fence. You can purchse it in several heights. It folds down to a carry size, it even has a handle. I use it for large areas as a gate, or outside when traveling as a yard. I got the size that you can step over for convenience. It has been my best purchase. I am going to purchase another one just to keep in the car.
-Marsha A.

Hello, I too was looking for something that would give my 'Ellii' some extra room outside her kennel. I went to the Salvation Army and bought a playpen. It works so well that I bought one to keep at work as well (Lots of those electrical cords to worry about). Now I can take a few minutes to play with her but she can be safely tucked in her roomy playpen when I am busy. People ask if I have a baby. I tell them, "THE BEST!" Good luck in your search. p.s. They have lots of stuffed animals that make for great chewing as well.
-Jeannie C. Fanning

I am currently looking for a maltese - but I have had experience with kennel training. It is by far the best! Area vets recommend it and a few maltese breeders i have talked to said they would not recommend any thing else. Keep it in a place where they can either hear or see the family - when we eat, in they go and taught to stay. The only time we close the door is when we go to bed, when the dog and us need a time out (especialy puppy stage) and when we leave the house and the dog cannot come with us. Eventually, once trained, the dog has the run of the house. They can be taught to stay off carpet - tell them no firmly and the stay signal with saying stay. Takes a few times but they do not want to upset owner. Good luck and try whatever helps the family and puppy.
-Darcy White

I too have the same problem. On Tuesday we made a homemade pen securely attached to the crate. We went to work only to come home to a barking dog who jumped over the 1 1/2 feet edge wthout hurting herself. I'll never try a homemade thing again.

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