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Boarding a Puppy

by Joy

Any ideas on what to expect should you have to board your puppy. We don't know anyone at this point who can keep her and we will be forced to board her. We've known our vet for a couple of years and have boarded our dachshund there, but how does a maltese do in that situation? I'm really worried about this. As a matter of fact, this problem almost kept us from getting our baby. Any comments would be appreciated. I have really enjoyed this website and all the info.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

My 6 year old Maltese MOLLY has always adjusted well to boarding. I am fortunate to have a wonderful Vet who also boards and goes out of his way to help the animals adjust. I suggest that you bring along your Maltese's favorite toy and spend a little time with him or her at the kennel before you leave. And always say goodbye just as you would when you leave her at home. Good Luck and you will never regret having a Maltese!

Dear Joy: If you leave your puppy with your vet, he/she will most likely be kept in a crate for the duration. The best possible solution would be to find a "pet sitter" - best if found by referral from a vet or friend. Sitters come into the home to care for your puppy in your absence, scheduling visits as often each day as you can afford and/or would like. Most sitters charge $10.00 per trip for small dogs. In addition to feeding, walking, and playing with the dog, most sitters will get your mail for you, bring in the paper, feed your birds, turn on lights for that "lived in look", etc. Since the puppy stays in its own home, and trauma which might occur due to your absence can be minimized. Jacquelene :)) P.S. Be certain to interview your potential pet sitter at length, watching their interaction with your puppy. In addition, ask for and call their references. JR

Joy-We had already planned a 7 night stay in Destin, Fl. when Noah came along. I had to board him when he was only 3 and 1/2 months old. Everyone here was a big help. My baby did just fine. Besides the toys, make sure your baby has been vaccinated for everything, bring your own food(some vets only feed one kind) and keep your puppy in a short haircut. Since we were gone so long, I had Noah bathed and groomed before I picked him up. I also spoke with the kennel help about taking him out several times a day to go potty, which they did. I reserved a cage in the cat room away from the other dogs. They also let him out to play in this room so he wasn't in a cage all day. Enjoy your trip!
-April B.

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