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Still has his baby teeth

by Eric Ruji

My Buddah is one year old and he still has his baby upper cainines. He has two sets oh cainines, baby and permenent. Is this unhealthy?


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Eric, It is quite common for a Maltese to retain the baby k-9's. You should have them removed by your vet, as it will cause the adult teeth to be crouded and to decay.
-Carole - Fantasyland

Eric, this one is best answered by your vet. My guess is all dogs are different. Having your vet check out what concerns you is the best way to handle any potential medical situation. Many of us here will have advice concerning behavioral problems, because someone here may have encountered a similar problem. Medical questions are best left to professionals. Good luck on getting your concerns and questions answered. (and let us know the results!)
-Chuck Norman

Hi,I have two little ones ages, two and 5 months, names Barnie(2) and Muppet (5m). My Barnie also grew two sets of teeth. My vet called them compacted teeth. His baby teeth stayed and his adult teeth grew behind them. He had to have all his baby teeth removed. A simple job for the vet. Not so for his mum. He recovered well and has no problems today.

My little Maltese had to be anesthetised three times for removal of baby teeth. The vet seemed to find it difficult to distinguish the permenent teeth from the baby ones. He is fine now, and I think it is very necessary to remove baby teeth that will crowd the permanent ones and cause an abnormal bite.

My Macy had to have her teeth removed by the vet and her second teeth are now crooked as we did not have them removed early enough. They loosened but then they tightened again. All of her other ones fell out okay. I think you should definitely check with your vet, but it's not good for them to remain in too long or they can cause problems with the new teeth.

Hi,I have two Maltese's and both of them had to have all their baby teeth removed. I was told that this was very normal with this breed, I really don't know other than, I had to have them removed.

Lucy retained 2 baby teeth and the vet removed them when she spayed her. It is not an uncommon problem and while it may not be "unhealthy" it will give your baby a bad bite and may increase problems with tarter. You should have the vt remove them.
-cathy brown

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