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One Testical

by Sharon

Hi, Muffin who is now 5 months old only has one testical and I cannot feel another. Read in the archives that this will mean Testicular Cancer and am now frantic. My vet had noticed this problem when he had his first vacinations done but did'nt really comment. Can anyone help with information. I live in the UK. Thanks


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Sharon - My Jasper, who is now eight months old, also has this problem. My vet said that the testical that did not come down can become cancerous over time. You do not need to worry about cancer at this time. But it is necessay to have the non-descended testical removed with in the next few months. I am taking Jasper in to have the operation done in September. My vet said that there was not a great hurry to have this done. He did however say that it is best not to wait too long. If you are planning to have him neutered, the vet will remove the non-descended one at the same time. Please do not use your male for breeding because this is a problem that is hereditary and can be passed on. I hope that I have helped you. Please feel free to email me.
-Susan Fox

My experience was almost exactly like Susan's (previous entry).%0aMy vet's recommendation was to deal with it during the neuter surgery, and we had no problems, even with neutering at almost one year. I would check with your vet for the best timing, then try not to worry, though it is hard when it comes to our little%0aballs of fur! Good luck!

Our dog had one that did not descend, and when he was newtered, they took care of it, it ended up going near the upper portion of the inside of his back leg. He was just fine after surgury. Patti

Patti, Beverly and Susan, Thank you ladies for your replies. Although I still cant help but worry. I have been told that surgery for a Maltese is a very risky thing because they are sooo small. Muffin only just about weighs 2lb. I shall speak to my vet regarding this matter. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks again ladies

Hi, Sharon, When I took Touquet in to be neutered at 8 months of age, the vet called me and told me that Touquet had an undescended testicle and would require abdominal surgery to find and remove it. I asked her if it would be less risky to just leave it there, but she assured me that it could become cancerous and encouraged me strongly to go ahead with the surgery. I gave the green light, but I was a nervous wreck! For some reason I was positive that something would go horribly wrong and Touquet would die. Well, they called me after the surgery to tell me that everything was fine. I picked Touquet up the next day, and he was bouncing around as usual -- very excited to see me! Other than being a little sore for a couple of days, he had no problems at all. I'm glad we went ahead with the procedure -- now I don't have to worry about possible consequences later on. Hope this helps.BF

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