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picky eater

by April

My 3-yr-old Maltese is quite finicky and won't eat dog food. I've tried several different kinds, but she still begs for people food. Any tips on getting her to start liking dog food? Also, any favorite brands of dog food? Thanks!


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

I am feeding my puppy Eukanuba Puppy dry food and he took to it very well. He seems to really love it and he hated everything else I gave it before. I am still quite disappointed with the amount he eats but I was told that Maltese tend to eat very little. Is that true? Once a day, I will mix some canned dog food with the dry food just to give it some smell and to disguise the hookworm syrup I have mixed in. It is OK but I can see that he prefers the food without the syrup .... he takes forever to finish his food when I mix in the syrup in but due to hunger (or greed???) he will eventually finish it.

One of my malteses, Jeffrie, is the pickiest dog I've ever known. The only dog food he will eat besides human food (and he's picky with human food also) is eukanuba puppy small bites. I've tried eukanuba adult food and iams puppy food, but he will only eat those if that is the only option. My other maltese, Jeannie, is not picky at all. Anything will work for her. To each his own I guess!
-angie ellis

April, have you checked the archives on this one? There have been several discussions about food and finicky eaters- I am sure you will not feel alone after reading them! You might also check the surveys on the left hand directory of Jay's main page. One is specifically about food and how many use what brand. The other is an owner survey that I think addresses food choice as well. Good luck with your little one. My vet okayed peanut butter and boullion as options to mix with the food. Please, though, check with your vet due to things that might be unique to your Maltese, etc. My finicky eater is 8 and the extra fat from the peanut butter does not seem to affect him. Good luck!

Maggie is 31/2 and I must have tried every dog food that was available and maggie did not like any of them more than three days in a row. My vet was selling food called Vets Choice Select Balance Lamb,Meat and Rice Formula This is the only dog food that she has eaten consistently, although she only eats about every three days. I have been feeding her this food for over 6 months. Hopefully this may be a good brand for you because Maggie is a very picky eater.

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