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Broth on Food?

by Yavonda

First of all let me say thank you to everyone out there who helped me with Fergie's barking problem. He is doing much better and everyone involved is happy. My question is this: Has anyone out there ever put broth on a pup's food before? I read that young pups don't chew their food and to put chicken broth on it so that they can digest it better. I also read to feed your maltese pup canned meat-based food, but I thought that canned food was bad for their teeth; causing plaque. My pup will be here in Sept. ( thanks to Jay!) and will only be 12 weeks old. Can someone help me? Thanks, Yavonda


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

I fed my babies Iams Lamb and Rice for puppies and put boiled water on it to make it soft. I think that this gets them in the mood for eating their dry food. My husband spoiled our first baby girl by putting baked chicken on the top of her food. She would eat the chicken and leave the food. She was the only one that did not take too well to her dry food. For treats I also give those made for dogs from natural ingredients. My dogs are happy and healthy. (My husband also feeds them banannas, carrots and celery, and the vet said that this is o.k. after 6 months of age)
-Marsha A.

My vet says feed dry food. At 12 weeks, mine was eating dry food. Initially, it is fine to moisten it a little, but over time add less so that the pup is eating it dry. They definitely prefer meat, but dry is better for them, and easier for us. Dry food also means firmer stools with less odor. Whatever your pup is eating when you get him, keep him on it for awhile and make diet changes, gradually to avoid stomach upset.
-April B.

I have also read about putting chicken broth on puppy food, but the the breeder from whom I got my Maltese (Toby), just puts the food in the blender to crush it up really good so that its easier to digest. I find it works really well as Toby is a perfectly healthy & happy pup, with clean teeth. Over time, I will crush the food less and less until I don't have to crush it any more. Well, I hope I've been of some help, and good luck!!

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