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Fun Baby Toys

by cathy brown

I just bought the kids a couple of new toys that they love tremendously, so thought I'd share in case any other babies out there need new things to play with. At PetSmart I found a plush carrot and a plush bannana, both with squeakers in them. Something about their size and shape makes them easy to play with and, apparently, irresistable for my two kids. The bananna is Lucy's special favorite because she can drag it around by the "peels," which are turned back. Anyhow, at $4.95 apiece, they have provided many hours of enjoyment for the babies for the past week or so. Carty keeps his on the window sill. Lucy's is usually in her dish. Signs that they are beloved by both.


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Don't have extra money for expensive toys? Try an old sock tied in a knot! Molly loves it!

I bought some little fuzzy things that squeek. I brought them home and the dogs went wild. They are so small that everytime they bite them they make a noise. They were all different colors and so cute. I was so happy that they loved them so much until bedtime, when they still wanted to play. Well we squeeked all night and all day today too. They were only 1.75 each. Maybe they won't last very long.
-Marsha A.

For those of you who can't afford new toys here's an idea. Go to the Salvation Army. They have lots of squeaky and stuffed toys. Just throw them in the washer. We do this for our dogs every Christmas, that way if the dogs end up not liking the toys you're not out a whole bunch of money.

Hi Cathy, Thanks for the info on plush toys. I'll be getting my new baby girl this weekend and was in PetSmart looking for some new ideas. Of course, i'll be making many trips there and will look for the banana and carrot. I wasn't sure if it was ok for a 12 week old to have toys with the squeekies in them just in case she is able to get it out and maybe swallow it - so i think i'll wait awhile but it doesn't hurt to have them ready when she is!

Any plush toy is an even better play item when you rub it on your skin. The toy will pick up your scent and make your baby(s) not feel so alone when your gone. Remember after washing to re-scent the toy.
-Sheryl McGee

I'm new to this grreeaattt maltese forum, so this reply about toys may be "old hat". After a horrible experience of my little sweetie swallowing the squeaker in a toy marked "safety squeaker" I buy squeak toys in the baby dept as those do not have squeakers. When in Petsmart, etc, I check the toy carefully to assure the squeaker is the "air-type". Also, whenever she becomes disinterested in a squeak toy, put it in a sock and show her that it squeaks, and she will love it (old toy, old sock, zero cost).

For me, the cost of the toy has not mattered too much meaning that the expensive ones tear up just as quickly as the cheap ones. The only safe toys that I leave out are the nylabone or hard rubber toys. The plush, squeaky toys stay on top of the refrigerator and are reserved for our personal playtime. Sometimes I'll leave out a canvas toy. They haven't torn up as quickly.Noah prefers the plush, squeaky toys, but he pulls out the hair, swallows it, and then it comes back up. Sock toys are not a good idea because the pup might confuse it with something you would not want him to play with. If the squeaker comes out, it is time to throw the toy away.
-April B.

Casper loves his stuffed toys, but just a word of caution - the first thing he does when he gets a new plush toy, is to start chewing on the eyes, and nose. His teeth are like little sissors, and it takes him no time to chew through the fabric. So now, instead of carefully watching, and taking the toy away for repairs, when the eyes and nose are getting loose, I just take it to the sewing room right away - cut out the eyes and nose, mend it shut with very strong thread, and then let him have fun. All of his plush toys are now faceless, and in some cases limbless, and earless, but he loves them just the same.

One reason I like the little carrot/bananna is that they have no "eyes" or anything else that the kids can pull off and swallow, and unlike regular, latex squeak toys, they can't get to the squeaker before I notice that they've chewed through the body. My Higgens once ate the top off a latex bananna--it went down small end to large but made a turn in his intestines and blocked them. We almost lost him. I've never had a latex toy in my house since. I do notice that the plush toys sold specifically for dogs (at least those I've looked at) don't have any removable parts such as eyes, usually they are embroidered on or are pieces of felt.
-cathy brown

When I had last litter of 4 angels I found that their very favorite toys we bird toys that a friend makes. About a six inch braided cotton rope with hard plastic rings on them. One went home with each pup and at six months all report that it is still their favorite toy. Of course the also loved the Macaw size because by working very hard they could drag it around, seems the bigger the better for that game, rugs, pillows ect. And yes the stuffed plush or canvas toys I have found work fine. The squeaker is inside so they can't get to it.
-Carol A

The most important thing is your crate. Check the archives on crate training. Wee-wee pads are great for paper training. The only really safe toys for Maltese are the Nylabone or Gumabone chew toys. They are made from nylon and last a long time. They're great for teething. I leave several of these in my baby's crate for when I'm gone.
-April B.

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