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general questions

by Carla

First let me say thank you for the great advice I have read on this sight and thank you for all your warm and loving thoughts that Bailey would feel better after the horrible grooming incident! He is doing much better after a trip to the vet and some medication for infection caused by a nipped penis. I have a few questions about some products that I've read about on the page. 1) What is blue water less shampoo and where can I get it? Can it be bought in a pet store? 2) Could someone tell me how to make the MOM solution (I thought I read this in the archives but when I went to look for it I couldn't find it) 3) I have also read that some of you use Crystal eye by Four Paws, Does this work and can I get it in the pet store. Thank you again for all your help. I've had Bailey for almost 3 weeks now (he's 9 mo old) and boy has it been a rough couple of weeks. But things are looking up and He's starting to act like when I first brought him home : The Happiest Little Pup In the World!


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

The blue waterless shampoo is called Self Rinse Plus by Pro-line. I buy it from vendors at dog shows or thru Cherrybrook (mail order--#3-80, 16 oz. $4.25 a bottle). Email me and I can give you necessary order info.

The MOM formula is one part MOM, one part hydrogen peroxide (the 3% variety you get at the drugstore) thickened to a pasty consistency with cornstarch. (I like to use it fairly runny and apply it with a Q-tip.)

The colloidal silver you can buy at the health food store. I have been using it for the first time, but I actually feel I get better results with the MOM formula.

Durafilm drops from your vet will clear up any infection that exists currently, but talk to your vet first about it.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

Carla, I used to use Crystal Eye by Four Paws before, but now I use Diamond Eye. I bought both of them in the petshop. Both of them just takes the tear stain away and lighten the tearstained browm face( of my dog ) a little . But telling the truth, their tears keep on coming and so if you use products like Crystal Eye, Diamond Eye and other stuff you have to keep on using it. I thought this maltese site is terrific, the best I found so far. I 've heard a lot about Colloidal Silver but I don't know where to get it. There's been discussions about how to use it before I think. They say Colloidal Silver kills the bacteria in the tears.

I've used Diamond Eye, but wasn't overly impressed with the result. I know I'll show my ignorance now, but what is MOM? Also, does anyone know where I could buy Pet Silk in Canada?
-Trudy U.

MOM stands for Milk of Magnesia--yes the people product. (Make sure you buy the original formula as it is the only white one.) This works pretty well; it certainly lightens the tear stain so that I don't have to bleach the stain out of the face furnishings. You do have to be very consistent with its usage. Also, do make sure that there is no lowgrade infection present. A number of people use terramycin ointment, but make sure all adult teeth are in as it can damage tooth buds (yellows/browns teeth).

A number of people use tetracycline (SP?)capsules, just keeping their dogs on it to keep the eyes from tearing, thus preventing the stain. Do not use this product without vet supervision as it is very, very hard on the liver, and outdated tetracycline can damage the liver terribly. Make sure that anything given internally is under vet supervision for the safety and well-being of your Maltese.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

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