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resources re: breeding

by Beverly

I searched the archives this afternoon regarding breeding and have a couple of questions. First, are there resources on the web or otherwise that is good reading for those considering breeding, i.e., that will discuss the genetic and medical concerns mentioned in the archives. Secondly, I am saving for a female, as both my boys are neutered. I started this when I talked with a breeder in my area who stated she could also serve as stud for me later on, in order to carry on the line. Is this the same as in-breeding? I always thought that was a bad thing until I read the archives, now I am a little confused. In general, would that be the thing to do-to buy a female and work with the breeder I bought her from. As well, do I need to consider it a given that I would show and work toward champion status of my little ones to be? Lastly, I ran across a very gracious breeder through the rescue directory on this sight, and she seemed very willing to let me come and see what I am thinking of getting into, for the sake of educating myself further. I hope that it was appropriate for me to ask to do so; what do you think? Are (or should) most breeders be willing to work with people like me who are wanting to learn, or did I commit a faux paux? Thanks for all the input in the archives and for the committment to excellence in your approach to breeding.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Beverly, finding a knowledgeable, established, reputable breeder to work closely with you is the BEST way to garner a proper introduction into "the sport of purebred dogs". As a mentor, this person can not only help you avoid many costly (both economic and emotional) pitfalls that a novice often encounters when getting started but can give you immediate access to truly "top notch" animals - whether it is directly out of this mentor's own breeding program or from one of their close friends "in the Breed". established breeders know what they are working with in their stock, strengths and weaknesses, and know which breedings they have had success with outside their own "lines". Anytime you can trade "trial and error" for "tried and true" you move your own program along much more quickly and directly toward the production of a better dog, with every successive breeding, than the one before.

Now, to find the right mentor may actually be the toughest job. We actually found reliance on a couple of Professional Toy Dog handlers to be the "secret" to our success. They have years of experience traveling around the country and have seen the very best a breed has to offer - and they know which breeders produced those very beautiful dogs, and which breeders do it CONSISTENTLY. The trick in breeding is to "lock in" those genetic characteristics that are necessary to produce EXACTLY that "look" that you are working toward, generation after generation. To do this you do utilize a certain amount of "very close breeding". As with most things this "line breeding" can be a two-edged sword, but with guidance from a skilled and knowledgeable mentor the risks become less and the rewards greater.

You will generally find that a true mentor will work with you. They will invite you into their kennel and offer you invaluable tips on grooming a dog to create a "show coat"; help you develop an "eye" for balance, structure, and movement; and even help you gain insight into how any particular judge may place emphasis on what they want to "see in a dog".

Good luck. If you choose the right mentor you will get a real jump-start for your endeavor. But, showing, breeding, and managing a kennel of dogs are all tied together - it is a package deal. with the right approach and direction you will be genuinely welcomed into the Sport - even by your competition.
-Larry Stanberry Divine Maltese

Larry, Thanks for the information and encouragement!

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