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by Kimberly

This might sound crazy, but I never noticed if a maltese has shaved feet. Do you shave their feet? I thought if they were shaved they wouldn't get as dirty when she went outside. They don't get as dirty, but she looks funny. I might need to adjust to the new look or maybe a maltese doesn't have shaved feet. I tried to look under the grooming sight, but it is under construction. Another question: how do you keep them still to trim around the eyes? I do not want to poke her. The brushing teeth doesn't go very well with her either. I guess I just need some grooming tips, if anyone could help.


Please bear in mind when reading topics pertaining to health issues, that many of these questions were answered by helpful Maltese owners with no formal education in veterinarian medicine. When in doubt seek a professionals advise.

Maltese do not usually have shaved feet. But this is your pet and if shaving his/or her feet makes life easier for the both of you then by all mean have you groomer do it for you. It is only hair and it will grow back if you don't like it. Usually only poodles have their feet shaved. But many people like to have it done on various breeds. I have on occasion shaved some of my retired champions feet becasue they chewed on their feet and stained them. They already had a trim similar to a poodles so it looked fine.
-Tonia Holibaugh/Rhapsody Maltese

This is DEFINITELY a HIGH MAINTENANCE dog!!!! I have found success (and a comfort level) using a pair of scissors with rounded, blunt tips to trim around their eyes. I intend to purchase my own clippers to shave/cut their hair. I want to keep them in the puppy cut. I have a question that I'm sure has been posted before . . . is there really a great shampoo that keeps them so nice and white????? I'm using a tearless puppy shampoo now. Thanks ---

Joanne- I use a blue shampoo for white coats every time I bathe my maltese followed by a conditioner. His coat is so gorgeous, and silky. You can get this shampoo from any catalog or at the pet store.
-April B.

I also use a puple shampoo on Toby then a detangle conditoner. The cond. helps alot to brush them out after the bath and Toby hates to be brush.So whatever I find to help I always give it a try. Now about trimming around the eyes be careful, I'm a hairdresser I cut alot of wigley kids, It even harder to trim dogs hair they never listen.

I have also used the blue shampoo and a conditioner it works great. Now I have worked a wonderful deal with my groomer, she baths her every two weeks and trims up her nose, tummy and toes. I have found that since this has become a regular routine for us, my puppy is much calmer when I clean her ears, eyes and comb her. I have also found that if I put my puppy on a table with a nonslip mat she gets that groomer feeling and really holds still well.

Regarding shampoos, I heard to stay away from pink and green shampoos, if you want a good white. And I heard a product called The Stuff is very good for anti-mat campaigns.
-Diane Kaylor

i trim the hair on her pads since i had read that it can pull & hurt when they walk. as for trimming the hair around the eyes, i just wedge my sweet dolly between my legs & go for it. i had read a wonderful suggestion about doing the grooming at night when they're naturally a little mellower. she wiggles a bit, but will tolerate it. i also do any trimming around her eyes at the beginning of our brushing session so she's not sick of me before i even start. oh btw, i like doing her brushing/grooming at night since we're both mellow, but then the problem is that i have a gorgeous dog at midnight, but by the time we go for walks the next day she's rolled around & looks all scruffy again!! but she looks adorable anyway.

Thank you to everyone for the advise. I wanted to let Chelsea grow a full coat, but I am having second thoughts. Our latest problem is grass stains. If I take her outside after mowing the grass her legs, feet and mouth will be green. If she had a full coat, she would be mostly green! I know she hates having her feet and mouth washed every time she comes in from going out to potty (which she rarely does potty). Do you think it is safe to use a baby wipe on her mouth? It seems like she is always dirty looking around her mouth. OH WELL, I love her even if she is a little green.

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